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NEW Fold by Delta Sound Labs
NEW: Fold is a distortion synthesis audio effect plug-in that only the engineers at Delta Sound Labs could dream up. Calling on their background in modular hardware design, the team has found a novel approach to creating warmth and distortion in software. By using an assortment of modules in an in-series FX chain, Fold imbues input signals with harmonically rich overtones and, if pushed to the extremes, completely transforms them with a unique form of distortion.
ILIO Artist Spotlight - Jason Yang
When live shows came to a grinding halt in 2020, Jason searched for ways to express himself with software the same way he would express himself with his physical instrument. Enter SWAM instruments from Audio Modeling.
Up to 40% Off Dimension Strings + Free Ponticello Bonus
A Ponticello Bonus Pack for Dimensions Strings and a Con Sordino Bonus Pack for BBO Andromeda! To celebrate, get big discounts on Vienna Dimension Strings in January plus save on BBO Andromeda through February 1, 2021.
Music Collaboration During a Pandemic
As we've found out, pandemics aren't particularly friendly to musicians. Collaboration being an essential part of making music, imagining people in the same room is a distant memory. But Andre Lefebvre never second-guessed it. In fact, inspired by the viral balcony singing phenomenon in Italy, he doubled down and looked for a new opportunity to collaborate. Here, he writes about his experience organizing international musicians continents away to record an epic cover of a prog-rock song by legendary UK band Magna Carta.
Break Your Creativity Rut with Omnisphere's Sound Lock
Sound Lock is a simple feature that allows you to keep specific parameters of a patch and apply those same parameters to new patches. For example, let's say you like the FX section, Arpeggiator pattern, and the Modulation Matrix of a certain patch. Using Sound Lock, you can freeze all three and apply them to new sounds as you select them in the Patch Browser, all but guaranteeing you'll end up with an original sound with every click.
Exclusive Interview with Reverb Machine

Dan Carr, AKA Reverb Machine is known for his spot-on recreations of famous synth sounds found in popular music. Check out this exclusive interview where ILIO's Michael "MIDIhead" Babbitt and Reverb Machine's Dan Carr dive into synthesis.

Nolan Neal - As Seen on TV

Nolan Neal—You've seen him sing his heart out on America's Got Talent, and when he's not preparing for the show or responding to almost everyone of his new fans you can find him in his California studio using software plug-ins such as Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

Trilian 1.5 Update Brings Over 200 New Patches

Version 1.5 of Trilian adds major new enhancements to its Arpeggiator, dramatically expands its synthesis features and adds a whole new, refreshed interface design. This free update also includes a new "Trilian Creative" library for users that also own Omnisphere.

"Secret Pianos" - FREE Patch Collection for Ivory II

Now available for Studio Grands! ILIO is proud to introduce a one-of-a-kind patch collection for Ivory II accentuating the versatility of its engine. "Secret Pianos" is a free pack of presets for Synthogy's Ivory II pianos that stretch the boundaries of what is a traditional piano sound.

Overloud VOICE - Complete Vocal Production in One Plug-in

The latest plug-in in the Gems series from Overloud is a one-stop-shop for any type of vocal production. The beauty of VOICE lies in its individual modules designed with award-winning analog DSP engineering that speed up your production workflow. Each component boasts superior, "Class-A" sound quality thanks to Overloud's expertise in analog emulation technology.

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