Sail into Summer with New, Unique, and Creative Sounds from Applied Acoustics Systems

Pro Series Instruments - $99 Each

The Pro-Series Instruments from AAS include the famous Lounge Lizard electric piano, String Studio VS-3, Chromaphone 2, the guitar modeling synth Strum GS-2, and the new Ultra Analog VA-3, a massive virtual analog modeled synthesizer. This summer is a great opportunity to grab one or more of these celebrated instruments for an unbelievable price.

Objeq Delay - $69

Looking for creative effects? Way more than just a delay, Objeq Delay combines acoustic models with a sophisticated delay unit, analog filters and an LFO to create a whole new category of effects processing. Grab Objeq Delay from AAS for just $69!

Packs and Bundles - Starting at $149

You will save the most by ordering multiple instruments or sound packs at once! The Modeling Collection (all five pro-series instruments + Objeq Delay) and the Libraries Bundle (all AAS Sound Packs) are just $249 each, or grab an instrument and all its associated Sound Packs for as low as $149.

Sound Packs - $19 Each

A fantastic way to introduce new, creative sounds from top sound designers into your arrangements is with an AAS Sound Pack. At just $19 each during the promotion, Sound Packs offer extreme value for a low price. Each Sound Pack includes the free AAS Player allowing you to play and use all the included sounds in your tracks without further purchases. If you need more customization, simply load each pack inside its corresponding Pro-Series instrument.