Has it been another year? Sheesh! You may or may not know, but 2019 was ILIO's 25th year as a company. This coming NAMM show will be our 26th show! Looking back, we realized just what a ride it's been. We started off in the basement of Hall E while aftershocks from the 1994 Northridge earthquake shook the building. As ILIO grew over the years, eventually we settled where we are now—Hall A, booth #11910. Find a map HERE.

Here's a throwback to our very first NAMM show in 1994:

Founders Shelly and Mark Hiskey at ILIO's first NAMM show in 1994.

Fast-forwarding to 2020, ILIO now represents ten different developers and hundreds of products — from virtual instruments to audio fx and even hardware. Our booth is bigger than ever, welcoming visitors to experience everything we have to offer. We're extremely proud of all of the ground-breaking products that our producers continue to develop and we're looking forward to helping their growth in 2020 and beyond. Here's what we'll be talking about:

News from Our Producers

All stations at the ILIO booth will be "hands-on", allowing anyone to hear, feel, and play for themselves products from these developers:


Spectrasonics will be presenting a treasure trove of modern and vintage hardware synths for hands-on demonstrations of Omnisphere 2.6's Hardware Synth Integration feature. Omnisphere recently won the KVR Readers Choice award for the best overall virtual instrument, and it's easy to see why once you connect with it using a hardware synth. It is without a doubt the most gratifying plug-in experience ever! Additionally, guests will be able to get their hands on their award-winning virtual keyboard collection, Keyscape.

Applied Acoustics Systems

Ultra Analog VA-3, the latest creation from AAS will definitely turn heads, and all of their Pro-series instruments, including the recent KVR readers choice award winners Chromaphone 2 and Strum GS-2 will be available to audition. 

Delta Sound Labs

Stream, the new granulator audio FX plug-in from Delta Sound Labs, will be featured. Guests are welcomed to experiment first-hand with creating ambiances while utilizing a special modular synth audio source.

Deskew Technologies - Gig Performer

The potential of Gig Performer 3 will be on full display, featuring a session created by keyboard virtuoso Todd Hamric where he shows guests how they can use virtual instruments and audio FX live on stage as active gigging musicians. 

Hornberg Research

The hb1, a highly advanced breath controller allowing you to control up to 4 MIDI CC streams independently will be on display.


TH-U, the world-famous guitar amp & FX suite will have its own station this year with special live demos throughout the show from professional guitarists Marco Fanton, Ruben Reza, Choptones, and Live Ready Sound.

Additionally, the recreations of legendary hardware FX units found in the Overloud's GEMs series will be demonstrated to show how they affect a real session from American House group Late Night Alumi, featuring Kaskade.


ILIO's new partnership with US-based PlugInGuru comes with the release of their new "multi plug-in" instrument Unify. Unify is a revolutionary new type of instrument that lets you layer, play, and combine AU, VST, or VST3 plug-ins to create new, inspiring, and outrageously creative sounds. John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl will be offering in-person demonstrations throughout the show.

Sonoma Wire Works - DrumCore 4

Sonoma Wire Work's DrumCore 4, the perfect rhythmic tool for songwriters, will be available for guests to sample audio and MIDI loops from world-famous drummers and percussionists. 


The Ivory II Pianos from Synthogy are the epitome of piano sampling precision. Live demonstrations of many of the Ivory II pianos will be performed by Geoffrey Gee, Gerald Peter, and Nick Smith. Additionally, there will be a sit-down station where guests can experience the pianos' beauty for themselves.

Vienna Symphonic Library

Plenty of new products have been released from VSL this year, and now you can experience them first hand! Try the new Bösendorfer Upright, Vienna Smart Hits, the Vienna Smart Orchestra, or the Big Bang Orchestra and hear their striking beauty for yourself.


Press Releases and New Products

ILIO's New Partnership With PlugInGuru

This NAMM show we're thrilled to announce our latest partnership with PlugInGuru and the release of a revolutionary new type of virtual instrument, Unify.

Unify is a "multi plug-in" instrument that lets you layer, play, and combine AU, VST, or VST3 plug-ins to create new, inspiring, and outrageously creative sounds. Not only can you load your own plug-ins, but Unify also ships with its own built-in library of virtual instruments and audio effects, making it immediately ready to use right "out of the box". Including many stock patches crafted by renowned sound designer John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl, Unify's core library is already extremely versatile. However, when blending Unify's core library with your favorite plug-ins, the creative possibilities are truly endless.

Unify ships with its own "Guru Sampler". Additionally, eight macro controls on Unify's interface allow you to control any plug-in's parameter in realtime.

A few key features of Unify include:

- Layer, play, and combine your own plug-ins, plus Unify's included plug-ins
- Includes Guru Sampler
- Many patches created by renowned sound designer John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl
- Unlimited number of layers (with multi-core support)
- Supports insert effects, 4 AUX busses and master effects
- MIDI effects & flexible routing options
- VST/VST3/AU and Standalone included

Unify merges the unique characteristics of its own built-in library with the user's library of virtual instruments and audio effects in one easy-to-use, intuitive, and flexible interface.

Unify is expected to be available from a variety of dealers in January, 2020. Come see Unify in action at ILIO's booth: Hall A, booth #11910

ILIO's Partnership With Delta Sound Labs

Delta Sound Labs is an audio technology company made up of passionate artists and engineers focused on bridging analog and digital domains to create new FX and instruments for the music, film, and gaming industries. Having specialized in designing Eurorack Modules for quite some time, Delta Sound Labs has brought their talents into the software world with Stream.

ILIO is proud to announce a new partnership with US-based Delta Sound Labs and the release of Stream, a time-domain based granulator for sound design, intricate delays, and live performance. A few key features of Stream include:

- Tempo Sync: Synchronize the grains with the tempo of your host
- Low latency: Ideal for live performance
- Capture: Capture an audio excerpt and manipulate the audio
- Three Envelopes: Triangle, Q-able Gaussian, and Noise
- Up to 16 granular voices
- Time stretching/scrubbing
- MIDI buffer sequencing and re-pitching

Stream is available now from ILIO.com and from a variety of dealers.

Learn more about Stream HERE.

New TH-U Rig Libraries from Choptones, Marco Fanton, and Live Ready Sound

Overloud's TH-U keeps getting better! The announcement of brand new rig libraries from renowned sound design and amp profiling experts Choptones and Live Ready Sound, along with a special artist pack from Marco Fanton further add to TH-U's impressive reputation. These three new rig libraries (publicly available on Thursday, January 16, 2020) will debut at the ILIO booth (Hall A, booth #11910) during NAMM and will have accompanying demos:

NEW Choptones Bogna XTC: Recreates the sound of a Bogner Ecstasy 101B* amplifier. Check out the live demo:

Saturday January 18, 3 PMHall A, booth #11910

NEW MF T&B 008: Recreates the sound of an authentic Italian T&B 008* amplifier. Live demos from Marco Fanton will be:

Thursday January 16, 12 PM. Hall A, booth #11910

Friday January 17, 12 PM. Hall A, booth #11910

Saturday January 18, 12 PM. Hall A, booth #11910

NEW LRS Unchained: Recreates the sound of an authentic Metropoulos DVL-1* head run through various cabinets, mics, and speakers. A live demo will be:

Friday January 16, 3 PM. Hall A, booth #11910

New Products from Vienna Symphonic Library

Bösendorfer Upright

The Vienna Symphonic Library is pleased to announce the release of Bösendorfer Upright, a virtual representation of a Bösendorfer Grand Upright 130. The instrument was captured at Stage B of Synchron Stage Vienna from eight microphone positions and comes with Vienna’s powerful and free Synchron Piano Player.

Vienna Smart Hits

The Vienna Symphonic Library team is pleased to announce two new Collections. Vienna Smart Hits offers a powerful selection of organic and electronic hits, “braams”, risers, swells and sub booms. SYNCHRON-ized Elements features all the instruments of the VI Collection Elements as well as several new instruments and FX sounds, powered by the Vienna Synchron Player.

Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda

The Vienna Symphonic Library team is pleased to announce Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda, a tutti orchestra expansion pack for their recently released free Big Bang Orchestra. The new library offers all the articulations of the recently released free Big Bang Orchestra, newly and uniquely recorded with more sonic and expressive flexibility, along with many more articulations that were not included in the free version.

Vienna Smart Orchestra: Expansion

The Vienna Symphonic Library expands their entry-level orchestra package Vienna Smart Orchestra with new string ensembles and solo instruments, such as piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, harp, celesta, and timpani.

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