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TH-U - World-Class Guitar Amp Software - Starting at $69

The world's largest collection of models in a single software!

In 2020, guitar sales from leading manufacturers reported their highest ever sales on record. With so many new guitarists in the world, now is the perfect time to start using world-class amp modeling software at amazing prices—and nothing is more versatile than Overloud's TH-U!

Celebrate the new features added to Overloud's TH-U with 30% off TH-U Full and the TH-U Editions! Amp modeling software is essential to any musician's plug-in arsenal, so don't delay!


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The World-Famous Lounge Lizard - $99

Lounge Lizard EP-4 recreates classic electric pianos and delivers the authentic tone of the originals, while also preserving their action and feel. The electric piano was invented by Harold Rhodes (1910-2000) during the forties when he was in the army. The first instruments he built were made of aircraft pieces and were intended to entertain army servicemen. It became a very popular instrument in jazz and rock, and has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years through it's extensive use by the world's top hip hop, R&B, and house producers.

Brilliant Presets, High-End Effects

Lounge Lizard comes with an extensive preset library that is simply inspiring, giving you access to the classic electric piano sounds popularized by musical legends like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, and George Duke. There is a choice of pure and true tones as well as a selection of processed ones courtesy of the high-end effects section.

The effects section includes the classic tremolo, chorus, wah, and phaser effects as well as EQ, delay and reverb. These effects are specially designed for the electric piano, making it very easy to create your own distinctive custom tones.

EP Character and Beyond

The original electric pianos provided timbre and volume adjustments by letting you position the tines in relation to the pickups. These adjustments were at the heart of the electric piano's character as they controlled the harmonic content, attack, and decay of the sound, offering unique tone to each player. But there was a price for this flexibility. Several painstaking hours with a screwdriver and incredible patience was needed to change the sound of an electric piano.

Suffer no more! With Lounge Lizard, the preset library provides a selection of thoroughly chosen Tine/Pickup configurations. You also have the ability to make those adjustments in real time via two simple controls: Distance and Symmetry.


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Big Bang Orchestra "Constellation" Bundles - Throughout March 2021!

For a limited time grab a power pack of Big Bang Orchestra libraries at an incredible price! You have three bundle packs to choose from, each with its own unique focus: Essential Scoring Bundle, Power Brass Bundle, and Trailer FX Bundle.

BBO Essential Scoring BundleSeven Versatile Libraries Covering the Essential Orchestra

The Essential Scoring Bundle dedicates itself to providing the essential sections of the orchestra in one convenient (and affordable!) package. Strings, Brass, Winds, and Percussion—What more do you need? This bundle includes seven Big Bang Orchestra packs:

  • BBO: Lyra — High Strings
  • BBO: Musca — Low Strings
  • BBO: Jupiter — Horns
  • BBO: Kopernikus — Trumpets
  • BBO: Hercules — Low Brass
  • BBO: Neptune — Tutti Woodwinds
  • BBO: Dorado — Percussion Ensembles


BBO Power Brass Bundle - Four Mighty and Triumphant Brass Libraries

The Power Brass Bundle offers herculean sound in a surprisingly affordable package. These bold libraries are ultra rich in tone and provide girth to any recording — from epic cinematic pieces, to Strauss and Mahler-esque compositions, to experimental soundscapes. This bundle includes all four Big Bang Orchestra Brass packs:

  • BBO: Hercules — Low Brass
  • BBO: Izar — Low Brass Clusters
  • BBO: Jupiter — Horns
  • BBO: Kopernikus — Trumpets


BBO Trailer FX Bundle - Four Unique and Cinematic Libraries

The Trailer FX Bundle should be on every film composers list. The four included BBO packs are chosen specifically for their ability to help create experimental soundscapes, low "braams", organic transitions, and flair. No film composer's sound library would be complete without dedicated libraries for orchestral FX! This bundle includes four Big Bang Orchestra packs:

  • BBO: Black Eye — Orchestra Phrases & FX
  • BBO: Izar — Low Brass Clusters
  • BBO: Regulus — FX Strings
  • BBO: Solaris — FX Woodwinds


There is no better time than March 1 through April 7, 2021 to save on multiple Big Bang Orchestra Packs. These convenient and affordable bundles are only available for a limited time. Don't delay!


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Discounts on Big Bang Orchestra Woodwinds Packs

Now through April 7, 2021, you will get any of the Big Bang Orchestra Woodwind Packs (BBO: Neptune, BBO: Orion, BBO: Solaris) for a special discount.


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+ Free Expansion Pack for SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds This Expansion Set adds new articulations and phrases to all instruments of SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds. It includes runs, arpeggios and third trills for most of the included instruments. You'll also find mordents (for piccolo, flute and oboe), slap tongues, and a large set of multiphonics of the second clarinet in Bb. Using the Synchron Player's time-stretch feature, it's easy to change the tempo of these phrases in real-time, or to sync them to the host tempo. The expansion set also includes "pure legatos" and "interval marcatos". What you hear are the naturally played note transitions, from a starting note to the original, unlooped target note, making for very natural and lively legato passages since every interval is followed by an individually played sustained note.

Order Omnisphere 2, Get a Free Patch Library!

EXTENDED through April 30, 2021, get one FREE ILIO Patch Library with your purchase of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, a $35 value! Qualified users can choose from three titles from ILIO's Patch Bundle: Fire Water, Revolve, or Robotica. Each ILIO patch library specializes in a certain area:

  • Fire Water — Ripping synth basses, powerful and funky leads, lush pads, ethereal and epic poly synths, interesting FX and textures, vocoder sound bites, and BPM-locked movers
  • Revolve — Arpeggiated synths, heavenly bells, twisted bass lines, and phantasmagorical plucks that will add intrigue and movement to your music
  • Robotica — Cinematic Sci-Fi ominous drones, atmospheric pads, spaced-out sound effects, ethereal and epic synths, interesting robotic effects and textures, vocoder sound bites

In order to qualify for a free patch library, you must order a full copy of Omnisphere 2 (not valid for upgrades) from ILIO or an authorized reseller during the promotional period (March 1 through April 30, 2021).

Redeeming the free patch library
To redeem, you must either fill out the attached PDF and mail it to ILIO or fill out the form online. The form will require that you submit your choice of patch library along with a purchase confirmation of Omnisphere 2. All submissions must be received by May 31, 2021.

The ILIO Patch Libraries cover a variety of genres from film/cinematic, EDM, Hip Hop, to transitional elements and ambient textures. They are a fantastic way to expand Omnisphere 2 with more inspiring sounds that keep creativity flowing!


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