Overloud VOICE - $99 for ONE WEEK ONLY!

Overloud's Gem VOICE is an all-in-one vocal production plug-in with modules based on analog processors. Gem VOICE is everything you need for any vocal mixing project and streamlines vocal production workflow by including essential analog based modules for vocal processing:

"The Gem Voice has everything you need for your vocal sound! I use it on acoustic guitars, drum overheads and room mics as well." — Brian Vibberts, Grammy® Award-Winning Mixer/Engineer (Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Sting)

  • Mic Preamplifier (4 models)
  • Tape Simulator (3 tapes + 3 special modes)
  • Vocal Enhancer
  • De-Boxer and De-Esser
  • Dynamic Processor with compressors (5 models) and an expander-gate
  • Equalizer (5 models)
  • Space Processor / Reverb Unit
  • Analog Delay
  • Master Section with optional Limiter
  • Interactive Dynamic Graph
  • Interactive EQ Graph


Did you know VOICE is perfect for Voice-over work? Check out these presets that our own Michael "MIDIhead" Babbitt created.

You can also get the vocal chains of the 6 x Grammy Award winner Brian Vibberts! Download the preset file and drag it into the Gem Voice bank list.

Overloud VOICE is available for just $99 for ONE WEEK ONLY from ILIO.com or from an ILIO Authorized Retailer.


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