SWAM Strings V3 is Here!

Each virtual instrument from the SWAM Solo Strings family is digitally handcrafted and based on their traditional acoustic counterparts. They do not repeat pre-recorded sounds like a sample library does—SWAM instruments create the sounds in real time, allowing for ultra realistic expression and versatility in sound.

In the V3 version of SWAM Strings, there has been a substantial improvement in the GUI, sound and behavior improvements, and other new features.

V3 Release Highlights:

  • Powerful MIDI Mapping feature that supports CC, Hi-Res CC, After-Touch NRPN, and remapping curves that allow more customization and sensitivity to any controller
  • Realistic Legatos
  • New Pizzicato Model
  • General sound improvement and behavior of bowed string
  • Timbral correction feature. You'll be able to select up to two harmonics to adjust (for emphasis or reduction).
  • Standalone version, introduced VST3 plug-in format, and Native Instruments NKS compatibility
  • Real-time Bow Sensitivity Control (on bowing mode). This gives you the ability to transform the bow, from a short bow with soft strokes to a full-length bow with strong strokes


Depending when your purchased individual SWAM Strings instruments, the SWAM Solo Strings Bundle or the All In Bundle, you may be able to upgrade to V3 for free. Conditions are listed below, and please contact us with any questions regarding upgrades:

If SWAM Strings were purchased between January 18, 2021 and March 31, 2021

Upgrade to V3 FREE! Check your account at https://my.audiomodeling.com or contact ILIO for more information.

If SWAM Strings were purchased before January 18, 2021

Please see upgrade prices below:


Upgrade Now!