INTRODUCING Synchron Percussion II — This second installment of the extremely detailed percussion sample recordings at Synchron Stage Vienna adds a new arsenal of fine instruments to the Synchron Series. As with the first collection, the instruments were captured at the large "Stage A" of Vienna Symphonic Library's own scoring stage with the same multi-microphone setup that makes their pristine sound extremely flexible.

To celebrate the release of Synchron Percussion II, grab any library from the Synchron Percussion Series for an extremely low price through August 3, 2020. Not only can you save on the NEW Synchron Percussion II libraries, but also the original Synchron Percussion I libraries. Remember, you'll always save more by ordering a collection!

Low Priced Collections:

Library MSRP Promo
NEW Synchron Percussion II Standard $540 $376
NEW Synchron Percussion II Full $971 $681
Synchron Percussion I Standard $665 $540
Synchron Percussion I Full $1,220 $971
Synchron Package Standard $7.325 $6,889
Synchron Package Full $9,690 $8,906

NEW Synchron Percussion II Subsets:

Library MSRP Promo
NEW Synchron Timpani II Standard $104 $82
NEW Synchron Timpani II Full $180 $147
NEW Synchron Drums II Standard $136 $104
NEW Synchron Drums II Full $240 $191
NEW Synchron Cymbals & Gongs II Standard $136 $104
NEW Synchron Cymbals & Gongs II Full $240 $191
NEW Synchron Mallets II Standard $104 $82
NEW Synchron Mallets II Full $180 $147
NEW Synchron Bells II Standard $104 $82
NEW Synchron Bells II Full $180 $147
NEW Synchron Orchestral Percussion II Standard $104 $82
NEW Synchron Orchestral Percussion II Full $180 $147

Synchron Percussion I Subsets:

Library MSRP Promo
Synchron Timpani I Standard $213 $136
Synchron Timpani I Full $404 $240
Synchron Drums I Standard $213 $136
Synchron Drums I Full $404 $240
Synchron Cymbals & Gongs I Standard $158 $104
Synchron Cymbals & Gongs I Full $294 $180
Synchron Mallets I Standard $213 $136
Synchron Mallets I Full $404 $240
Synchron Bells I Standard $104 $71
Synchron Bells I Full $197 $126
Synchron Orchestral Percussion I Standard $158 $104
Synchron Orchestral Percussion I Full $294 $180