It's here! The much-anticipated update to the best-selling TH3 software from Overloud has all of us at ILIO pretty darn excited. In addition to the features available in the TH3 Full version, TH-U Full includes:

  • 15 new amplifiers (92 total), including the Superlead and Superbass models, Polytone jazz amplifiers and DVmark Triple 6 head
  • 14 new cabinets (52 total)
  • Rig Player (with 20 factory rigs) – reproduces rig models created by sampling real studio and stage setups
  • Amp Tweaks – modify amplifiers by changing preamp and poweramp tubes, as well as simulating the action of a variac
  • Brand new FX – Shimmer Reverb and a Shimmer Delay
  • Built-in convolver to load external guitar cab IRs
  • An improved and redesigned Cabinet IR module
  • A new multitrack looper
  • Search function on the preset and banks

Not only is TH-U claiming the world's largest collection of amps, cabinets, effects, and microphone models in a single plug-in, two brand new features have us gleaming:


The short of it is that TH-U is able to load rig models created from real studio and stage setups. Ok, so what does that really mean? 

The technology behind the Rig Player allows Overloud's engineers to sample and capture the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier, and the room sound. The Rig To Model (R2M) proprietary technology captures both analog and digital setups. The Rig Player, integrated into TH-U, reproduces any nuance of the sampled rigs.

th-u rig player

With 20 Factory Rigs included, you'll have a good amount to really test drive this feature out of the box. If that's not enough, Overloud has begun to introduce Rig Libraries as well. British Classics is the first of the bunch, a homage to the classic amps manufactured in the UK, it introduces 29 more amps, 29 more cabinets and 29 more presets into an already impressive collection. Some of your favorites may be found: Blackstar, Cornell, Laney, Marshall, Orange, Victory, and Vox. At an MSRP of only $29, that's just a dollar an amp! Next up is American Classics, a similar arrangement of 29 amps, cabs and presets for $29 but featuring the American brands Fender, Peavey, Gibson, Mesa, and Soldano.


How many times have you said, "man, I like this amp, just really wish I could swap the EL34s with some 6CA7s and use the Variac to take it down to 90-94 volts." Ok, so maybe that doesn't happen every day, but the Amp Tweak technology inside of TH-U really opens this software up to a (non-exaggerated) unlimited number of possible sonic combinations. TH-U features a new panel which allows you to change the pre and power tubes models, as well as to simulate the voltage-reducing action of a variac. Legendary guitarists have been customizing their amps with tubes and variacs for decades, and TH-U makes mod-ing your amp tone super easy, and a lot less dangerous, BTW!

amp tweak th-u

Of course with TH-U you're still getting everything that TH3 was made famous for and even more: 45 models approved by original manufacturers (Randall, Brunetti, DVmark and THD), more than 1,000 presets spanning all music genres, 3d cabinet simulation, world-class, creative FX, intelligent MIDI setup, and even a few bass amps and cabinets! Make sure to listen to a few demos or even download a FREE 14-day trial and experience game-changing tone for yourself.