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Overloud Announces New Partnership with Jensen Speakers
Leading audio effects manufacturer Overloud and legendary speaker manufacturer Jensen announce new partnership that bring officially licensed Impulse Responses to Overloud's SuperCabinet.
Great Rieger Organ - Now Available!
INTRODUCING The Great Rieger Organ—With 116 stops for its five manuals and the pedal board, the Great Rieger Organ at Vienna Konzerthaus is the largest concert organ in continental Europe.
Overloud SuperCabinet - Totally Custom Guitar Tone
The SuperCabinet is the revolutionary IR processor based on Overloud's Fluid Convolution Technology. With SuperCabinet, you can combine up to four different IRs, EQ them, pan them in the stereo field, and increase their stereo depth in order to create brand new, totally custom cabinet tones.
TH-U Full Becomes TH-U Premium - Free Upgrade
Overloud is proud to introduce TH-U Premium, the most advanced version of TH-U that includes all of the current components and features of TH-U Full, and also supports expansion with future models, libraries and add-ons, both free and paid. Overloud is automatically upgrading all TH-U Full licenses to TH-U Premium for free.
"Secret Pianos" - FREE Patch Collection for Ivory II

Now available for Grand Pianos! ILIO is proud to introduce a one-of-a-kind patch collection for Ivory II accentuating the versatility of its engine. "Secret Pianos" is a free pack of presets for Synthogy's Ivory II pianos that stretch the boundaries of what is a traditional piano sound.

Synchron Elite Strings - Exceptional Small Ensembles
THROUGH MAY 3, 2021—Get Vienna's new Synchron Elite Strings for its low introductory price PLUS an exceptional deal on Vienna Ensemble Pro, the cross-platform mixing and hosting solution.
SWAM Strings V3 Features Redesigned GUI, Sound Improvements and More
In the V3 version of SWAM Strings, there has been a substantial improvement in the GUI, sound and behavior improvements, and other new features. Upgrade your SWAM Strings now to V3 for free or for a discount, depending when you purchased!
Bob Moog Tribute Library v.2 for Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics has released a new v2.0 edition of their Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere 2 with over 500 brand new patches and over 50 artists participating! This incredible Omnisphere library is available now for $99 at the Spectrasonics webstore and it's FREE to existing users.
Celebrating Women's History - With Music
CELEBRATING WOMEN IN MUSIC — Women have contributed immensely to music, and the songs that they created have shaped our way of being. Here's a fresh playlist honoring powerful female artists!
Honoring Black History - With Music
BLACK HISTORY MONTH — We curated a new playlist honoring black contributors in music — a mere sampling of the raw talent that has influenced generations of music makers. Listen up!
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