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Vienna MIR Products 30% Off in November!

This November, Vienna is offering 30% off all of their MIR reverb products. From Mir Pro or MIR Pro 24 to all MIR RoomPacks, to MIRx extensions, November 2019 is the best time to incorperate different spaces, concert halls, and sound stages into your mixes.

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Overloud Releases Rig Libraries of Steve Vai's & Randy Rhoads's Signature Amps

What do Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads, and Marco Fanton have in common? Other than being virtuosic guitarists, they all have signature amps that have now been modeled for use inside of Overloud's TH-U! Together with modeling experts Choptones, Overloud announces these three new rig libraries that expertly recreate the sound of these famous guitar amps.

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$100 Off Ivory II - Upright Pianos in October 2019

A special October promotion from Synthogy! Save $100 off the acclaimed Ivory II - Upright Pianos collection until October 31, 2019. Upright Pianos is packed with four distinctive uprights that cover a broad tonal range. Inside you'll find a gorgeous Modern Upright, a charming Vintage Upright, plus authentic Barroom Upright and Tack Pianos, complete with creaks and clunks for loads of outlaw personality. Don't miss this opportunity to save $100 on a truly memorable piano collection!

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Big Bang Orchestra — FREE Vienna Library

Looking for a FREE Vienna library? Vienna's new Big Bang Orchestra, featuring samples from an entire orchestra playing all together (aka Tutti) in the famous Synchron Stage, is a completely free library for anyone who owns a Vienna Key. Don't have a Vienna Key? We got you covered—order any Vienna Key for just $16 through October 31, 2019!

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