Free Preset Pack for Overloud's TH-U Based on Famous Song Tones

Seasoned guitarist Ruben Reza returns with a special preset pack for Overloud's guitar amp and FX suite TH-U. Ruben is no stranger to tone. A self-described 'tone-freak', he's been known to spend hours upon hours tweaking knobs until he gets the sound he's after. When we approached him about creating some tones for TH-U, we knew he'd be the right choice for a preset pack dedicated to recreating song tones from famous artists. Utilizing TH-U's massive built in library of amplifiers, cabinets, microphones, pedal and rack effects, and the ability to swap preamp and power tubes, there was no shortage of creative possibilities at Rubens disposal. 

Inspired by timeless songs and classic artists such as Wes Montgomery, Jeff Beck, Brad Paisley, Metallica, Van Halen, and more, the Ruben Reza Song Tones pack demonstrates just how versatile TH-U can be.

What's more? This TH-U preset pack is absolutely FREE to download!


Free Download!


"When I started playing through (TH-U), I felt like I was playing through the amp. The nuances, the dynamics... with this software it's like an amp you know, it cleans up, I'm tapping harmonics, the sustain is there, the feel is there!"


Overloud's TH-U is the world's largest collection of models in a single software, boasting over 239 models of amps, cabinets, fx, and mics including officially authorized models of highly-prized manufacturers. The culmination of breakthrough DSP technology allows users to swap pre-amp tubes, power amp tubes, and even change the variac of the included amps. In addition, the included Rig Player captures the authentic personalities of real rig setups and reproduces their tones with unbeliveable accuracy. With its ingeniously simple user interface, speed-of-light preset preview, true amp-morphing and other revolutionary features, TH-U is way ahead of the guitar amp-simulation curve. But if you think working with TH-U is a blast, you’ll be absolutely floored by how good it sounds.

What if I Don't Have TH-U?

No worries! The full trial version of TH-U is included in the download so just load in the free preset pack. With the demo, you'll also have access to over 1,000 other presets so make sure to set some time aside to jam out.

Can TH-U Load Kemper Profiles?

Not quite. TH-U's included Rig Player has it's own proprietary format and simply dropping in a Kemper profile will not work. However, the Rig Player is a very similar idea to a Kemper style profiler and companies like Choptones and Live Ready Sound that make Kemper profiles are also making them for TH-U. You can see all the available expansion packs for TH-U's Rig Player HERE.

"You can pretty much get whatever (tone) you want. You can put 6L6 in and AC-30 and get that cross between the British and American tone."


Can I Use TH-U Live on Stage?

Of course! We encourage it. More and more players are relying on modeling amplifiers on stage whether it's for worship, cover bands, traveling musicians who need their gig to fit into a backpack, or anyone who needs the same sound in studio, on stage. Since your hands are occupied, TH-U has full MIDI assignment capability. Using a MIDI foot controller to switch your pedals on/off or to change tones is highly recommended. For the players that still crave glow of tubes behind you on stage remember, you can always just use TH-U as an FX/pedal board.

Is TH-U a Guitar Amp Alternative?

That depends. Overloud's expertise in DSP engineering along with the Rig Player allows TH-U to provide a truly authentic and unforgettable tonal experience. For anyone looking for an alternative to playing through an amp, TH-U is also probably the lightest physically weighted option available. These days, laptop computers are increasingly common and extremely powerful, and the stock system requirements from most new computers will easily run TH-U without a problem. While some people will find that TH-U can replace an entire physical rig, we like to think that TH-U is the perfect complement to any player/producer's set up and encourage lengthy explorations in the studio, at rehearsal, or on tour.

I Don't Need Everything in TH-U Full. Can I Just Buy the Amps and FX I Need?

That is exactly why Overloud offers TH-U Editions. These are light weight versions of TH-U that include all of the functionality of TH-U but with a selected amount of amps, cabinets, mics and effects geared toward certain genres. While you cannot pick the specific models included, each version is geared toward a certain genre: TH-U Rock, TH-U Metal, and TH-U Funk and R&B. Each edition is $89 each and there are affordable upgrade paths available to TH-U Full.

Does the Rig Player Come with the TH-U Editons?

YES! The TH-U Editions come with the FULL functionality of TH-U including the Rig Player, Amp Tweak and MIDI capability, and are only limited on the number of amplifiers, cabinets, effects, microphones they include.