EQ495 - Your Secret Weapon in the Studio

The EQ495 "Super Musical" EQ emulates a very rare, prized analog equalizer, the secret weapon of many award-winning engineers. Originally created as a vinyl transfer console, this industry legend has been used extensively for both mixing and mastering thanks to its "super-musical" EQ curves.

Add "Air" to Your Tracks

The world's best engineers have long understood the need for mixes to sound impressive in people's homes, not just on studio monitors. Today's target audience usually listens to music on earbuds or with tiny computer speakers, a far cry from even modest home systems of the 70s. This is where EQ495 excels! EQ495's equalization curves were designed to enhance clarity, and give presence and depth to your mixes, all while working in the frequency spectrum actually available on your audience's small speakers or headphones. This level of enhancement is what separates compromised reproduction from a faithfully optimized personal audio experience.

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