Overloud Releases VOICE - Complete Vocal Production in One Plug-in

Modena, Italy - September 8, 2020 - Overloud Releases VOICE. Comprehensive Vocal Production Plug-in Includes Several Analog-based Modules Designed to Speed Up Vocal Production Workflow

The latest plug-in in the Gems series from Overloud is a one-stop-shop for any type of vocal production. The beauty of VOICE lies in its individual modules designed with award-winning analog DSP engineering that speed up your production workflow. Each component boasts superior, "Class-A" sound quality thanks to Overloud's expertise in analog emulation technology.

Build complete vocal sound chains from scratch with just a few clicks or select one of the many presets designed by professional sound engineers for inspirational starting points, or for polished, tried and true tones. Not only is Gem VOICE perfect for vocal tracks in a musical context, it also includes dedicated presets for post-production work such as Podcasting, Voice Overs, Audiobook recordings, dialogue, and even special vocal effects.

In order to keep workflow simple, Overloud engineered VOICE to be as streamlined as possible. All of the parameters in VOICE are accessible with a single click on the GUI's main panel i.e., no submenu navigation.

Here is a detailed list of the included analog-based modules:


Mic Preamplifier (4 models)

The MIC PREAMP models four different real mic pre-amplifiers, enriching the input signal with the renowned harmonics of the model you select.

Tape Simulator (3 tapes + 3 special modes)

The TAPE SIMULATOR reproduces the highly desired harmonic distortion of three different types of tape at multiple speeds: 1/4", 1/2" and 2". For added character, it can also be used in three special modes: Flutter, Vocal Dist and Fuzz.

Vocal Enhancer

The ENHANCER in Gem VOICE revives tracks that lack presence by bringing to life the natural harmonics that exist in the original recordings.


De-Boxer and De-Esser

The DE-BOX controls the dynamics of the lower-mid part of the frequency spectrum. "Boxy" vocals contain too much low frequency energy and lack the proper excitement needed to cut through mixes. The De-Box processor dynamically removes this low-mid excess. The DE-ESSER focuses on sibilant sounds and lets you control them. Thanks to its AI-Based detector, it sounds incredibly transparent and is not level-dependent.

Compressor (5 models) and an Expander-Gate

The COMPRESSOR module is based on five different analog compressor models, including FET, Optical and Tube processors. The LF Sens control allows you to adjust the low frequency sensitivity of the processor, in order to have an optimal tracking for male and female voices. The COMPRESSOR module also contains an Expander-Gate processor that, when used at low settings, cleans the input source by filtering out ambient noises such as headphone bleed and other unwanted artifacts. At higher settings the Expander-Gate can be used as a creative tool.


Equalizer (5 models)

The 4-band EQUALIZER in Gem VOICE is modeled on five legendary analog EQs. You can choose from 4K, British, German and Proportional Q styles. Both Shelving and Peaking modes can be selected for the low and high bands. For added creativity, an additional Band-Limit model allows you to recreate phonograph and megaphone style effects.


Space Processor / Reverb Unit

The SPACE module, designed by MoReVoX (the same designers behind the award-winning REmatrix plug-in) follows the most recent mixing trends, by using very short multilayer impulses, instead of a reverb, to enhance the dimension and the placement of the voice in the mix.

Analog Delay

The DELAY module in Gem VOICE can either be sync'd to the song's tempo or independent, and includes multiple presets such as simple delay, vintage slapback, and swell, to name a few.


Master Section with optional Limiter

The MASTER section is the finishing touch and adjusts the final level and the number of output channels. It also contains an optional LIMITER placed before the master output, very useful when you need to keep the level under the 0dBFS.

Interactive EQ and Dynamic Graph

The GRAPHIC DISPLAY has two different views: EQ and COMP. The EQ view displays the EQUALIZER module's curve along with the realtime spectrum of the input signal, in order to visually see where the prominent frequencies lay. The EQ can either be edited graphically directly in this display or by using the controls in the EQUALIZER module. When the COMP view is selected, the level curve is displayed on the bottom, and the Compressor gain reduction level is on the top, shown over time. With this view, you can easily monitor how the compression is responding to the track's level peaks.

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