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Break Your Creativity Rut with Omnisphere's Sound Lock
Sound Lock is a simple feature that allows you to keep specific parameters of a patch and apply those same parameters to new patches. For example, let's say you like the FX section, Arpeggiator pattern, and the Modulation Matrix of a certain patch. Using Sound Lock, you can freeze all three and apply them to new sounds as you select them in the Patch Browser, all but guaranteeing you'll end up with an original sound with every click.
Exclusive Interview with Reverb Machine

Dan Carr, AKA Reverb Machine is known for his spot-on recreations of famous synth sounds found in popular music. Check out this exclusive interview where ILIO's Michael "MIDIhead" Babbitt and Reverb Machine's Dan Carr dive into synthesis.

Andrew Wells - At Home in the Studio

Los Angeles-based Andrew Wells is well known for transforming the raw, dynamic energy of such diverse acts as Fitz and the Tantrums, Meghan Trainor, Elle King, Jason Mraz and many others into snappy radio-ready tracks.

Spectrasonics Presents: RC & The Gritz

Can Omnisphere and Keyscape stand up to the rigorous rhythms from keyboardist RC Williams? Check out these new Spectrasonics videos with the supergroup behind singer Erykah Badu, RC & The Gritz. All keyboard sounds are coming from a laptop rig running Omnisphere and Keyscape!

FREE Patch Sampler for Omnisphere 2

Download your FREE ILIO Patch Sampler for Omnisphere 2, which contains a selection of the sound designer's favorite patches from each ILIO Patch Collection, PLUS an EXCLUSIVE BONUS PATCH.

Spectrasonics In Action: Moonchild

If you want to see Spectrasonics products in action live, new L.A. neo-soul group, Moonchild, delivers the goods using Keyscape, Omnisphere, and Triilian!

Adidas Jam Session

The Adidas Global Brand Design team invited Diego Stocco, one of the key creative sound designers, and producers for Spectrasonics, to join them for a day of sonic experimentation. They used objects, products, voices and instrument, combined and transformed together. This video is a composition Diego made with some of the elements they created in real-time. Be inspired!

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