Vienna Instrument (VI) Libraries - Up to 50% Off!

Vienna's has always provided composers with the best tools imaginable to help them conquer their musical challenges with unhinged creativity. Encompassing over 2.8 million samples, Vienna's powerful VI Series supports you with an excess of articulations to master your orchestral adventures with the most amazing arrangements. From now through April 1, 2020, Vienna is offering discounts on over 200 VI Library products (Bundles, Collections, Single Instruments) with up to 50% savings. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and expand your symphonic arsenal!

"Vienna Symphonic Library has been the center of my orchestral sample library for several years now."
— Danny Elfman


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Vienna Instruments Pro Single Licenses

In other news related to VI Collections, Vienna has released a Vienna Instruments Pro Single License configuration (like they've done with Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Suite Pro). Now Vienna Instruments Pro will only be available as a single license product, and carries a substantial discount (just $60!). 

BBO: Capricorn Introductory Pricing Extended

In addition to the above promotions, the introductory price of BBO: Capricorn will be extended through April 1, 2020. Don't miss out this versatile product for an attractive price!