Take 30% Off All MIR Products in November 2019

Through December 3, 2019 Vienna is offering 30% off all their MIR (Multi I mpulse R esponse) products.

MIR Software

MIR Pro merges all parts of the creative process (composition, orchestration and mixing) into a single intuitive workflow. Vienna MIR Pro is much more than just a multi-sample of a hall. It combines specific directional frequency profiles with reflectional information from every instrument, assembling all of the acoustic interactions into an accurate and satisfying recreation of musicians playing their instruments in place and in space. MIR Pro 24 is a more cost effective option for users who don't need to place more than 24 instruments in a space.



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MIR RoomPacks

Expand MIR with RoomPacks! Vienna MIR RoomPacks let you choose your acoustic spaces according to your needs from with over 53,000 impulse responses of world renowned concert halls, legendary studios and recording facilities as well as exceptional churches. There's never been a better time to try out a new space for your instruments.



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MIRx Extensions

MIRx extensions for the Vienna Instrument Player are a very affordable option for users who would like to introduce their instruments to amazing new spaces, and don't want much configuration. MIRx uses pre-configured Multi Impulse Responses from Vienna MIR Pro so that each instrument or ensemble in your Vienna Instruments arsenal will find its perfect position on stage at the touch of a button.


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Whether you're looking for the complete MIR Pro, MIR Pro 24 software, or another RoomPack to add to your collection, there has never been a better time than this November!