25% OFF all Keyboard, Percussion, Voices, and Plucked Instrument Libraries*

25% OFF Select Vienna Products


Limited Time Offers: April 2 – 30, 2018

Don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity to get a 25% discount on all library products in the categories of Keyboards, Percussion, Voices, and Plucked Instruments, only from April 2 through April 30, 2018!

This offer is valid for all Vienna Instruments Collections and Single Instruments included in Keyboards Complete, Percussion Complete, Voices Complete and Plucked Instruments Bundle (Standard Libraries and Full Libraries), as well as for the Keyboard and Percussion Sections of the Special Edition Volumes 1 & 2 and Special Edition Volume 4 (“Special Winds & Choir”).

Since the Vienna Super Package contains quite a number of keyboard, percussion, choir and plucked instruments, the price of this bundle is lowered as well during the promotional period! Remember that you get the biggest savings when you buy or complete Vienna’s Bundles by combining (Complementary) Bundle Discounts with the additional 25% promotional discount!

Here is a detailed overview of all products with their regular prices and your savings during the promotional period:

Vienna Instrument Collections Promo Savings
Percussion Full $155.00
Percussion Standard $76.00
Percussion Upgrade to Full Library  $79.00
Elements Full $81.00
Elements Standard $54.00
Elements Upgrade to Full Library $27.00
Vienna Konzerthaus Organ $71.00
Vienna Imperial $137.00
Special Keyboards $43.00
Vienna Choir Full $177.00
Vienna Choir Standard $95.00
Vienna Choir Upgrade to Full Library  $82.00
Vienna Solo Voices Full $136.00
Vienna Solo Voices Standard  $82.00
Vienna Solo Voices Upgrade to Full Library  $54.00
Bosendorfer Imperial $27.00
Vienna Instruments Bundles Promo Savings
Plucked Instruments Bundle Full $79.00
Plucked Instruments Bundle Standard $49.00
Plucked Instruments Bundle Upgrade to Full Library  $30.00
Vienna Instruments Complete Packages Promo Savings
Vienna Super Package Full  $962.00
Vienna Super Package Standard $638.00
Vienna Super Package Upgrade to Full Library $324.00
Vienna Percussion Complete Full $530.00
Vienna Percussion Complete Standard $299.00
Vienna Percussion Complete Upgrade to Full Library $231.00
Vienna Voices Complete Full  $273.00
Vienna Voices Complete Standard $164.00
Vienna Voices Complete Upgrade to Full Library $109.00
Vienna Keyboards Complete $219.00
Vienna Special Editions Promo Savings
Special Edition Vol. 1 Percussion & More $13.00
Special Edition Vol. 2 Guitars & Keyboards $13.00
Special Edition Vol. 4 Special Winds and Choir $71.00
Vienna Single Instruments Promo Savings
Celesta Standard $16.00
Glockenspiel Full  $24.00
Glockenspiel Standard $11.00
Glockenspiel Upgrade to Full Library  $13.00
Vibraphone Full  $32.00
Vibraphone Standard $16.00
Vibraphone Upgrade to Full Library  $16.00
Xylophone Full  $32.00
Xylophone Standard $16.00
Xylophone Upgrade to Full Library  $16.00
Marimbaphone Full  $32.00
Marimbaphone Standard $16.00
Marimbaphone Upgrade to Full Library  $16.00
Tamtams & Gongs Full  $22.00
Tamtams & Gongs Standard $11.00
Tamtams & Gongs Upgrade to Full Library  $11.00
XXL Tam-tam Full  $29.00
XXL Tam-tam Standard $18.00
XXL Tam-tam Upgrade to Full Library $11.00
Bells Full  $25.00
Bells Standard $13.00
Bells Upgrade to Full Library  $12.00
Glass Instruments Full  $35.00
Glass Instruments Standard $21.00
Glass Instruments Upgrade to Full Library  $14.00
Lithophone Full  $29.00
Lithophone Standard $18.00
Lithophone Upgrade to Full Library  $11.00
Bass Waterphone Full  $29.00
Bass Waterphone Standard $18.00
Bass Waterphone Upgrade to Full Library  $11.00
Exotic Percussion Full  $28.00
Exotic Percussion Standard $13.00
Exotic Percussion Upgrade to Full Library $15.00
Vienna Jazz Drums Standard Library $27.00
Timpani Full  $23.00
Timpani Standard $13.00
Timpani Upgrade to Full Library $10.00
Drums & Toms Full  $26.00
Drums & Toms Standard $16.00
Drums & Toms Upgrade to Full Library  $10.00
Cymbals Full  $21.00
Cymbals Standard $11.00
Cymbals Upgrade to Full Library  $10.00
Harpsichord Standard $16.00
Harmonium Standard $18.00
Prepared Piano Standard $18.00
Soprano Choir Standard Library $27.00
Vienna Whistler Standard Library $16.00
Upright Bass Standard Library $21.00
Concert Guitar Full $39.00
Concert Guitar Standard $21.00
Concert Guitar Upgrade to Full Library $18.00
Overdrive Full $36.00
Overdrive Standard $18.00
Overdrive Upgrade to Full Library $18.00
Vienna Synchron Stage Instrument Collections Promo Savings
Synchron Percussion I Standard Library $219.00
Synchron Percussion I Ugrade to Full $192.00
Synchron Percussion I Full Library $411.00
Vienna Synchron Stage Instrument Subsets Promo Savings
Synchron Timpani I Standard Library $54.00
Synchron Timpani I Upgrade to Full $49.00
Synchron Timpani I Full Library $103.00
Synchron Drums I Standard Library $54.00
Synchron Drums I Upgrade to Full $49.00
Synchron Drums I Full Library $103.00
Synchron Cymbals & Gongs I Standard Library $40.00
Synchron Cymbals & Gongs I Upgrade to Full $35.00
Synchron Cymbals & Gongs I Full Library $75.00
Synchron Mallets I Standard Library $54.00
Synchron Mallets I Upgrade to Full $49.00
Synchron Mallets I Full Library $103.00
Synchron Bells I Standard Library $27.00
Synchron Bells I Upgrade to Full $24.00
Synchron Bells I Full Library $51.00
Synchron Orchestral Percussion I Standard Library $40.00
Synchron Orchestral Percussion I Upgrade to Full $35.00
Synchron Orchestral Percussion I Full Library $75.00


* Due to upgrade and complementary discounts your personal price may be lower than the special price shown here.

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