Vienna Enters a New Stage of Production

New: Synchron Strings I Plus up to 30% off String Libraries from Vienna


Announcing Synchron Strings I

Synchron Strings I is Vienna's first String Library recorded with the signature ambience of one of the best-sounding scoring stages in the world – Synchron Stage Vienna.

Combining extraordinary musicianship, engineering, recording technology and software innovation, Synchron Strings I is about to set new standards for ease-of-use, realism and expressiveness.

Vienna Synchron Strings I
  • 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, recorded at their designated positions on stage.
  • Multiple Microphone Positions, from stereo to surround and immersive formats.
  • Comes with all-new Vienna Synchron Player (available soon) – also works with Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players.
  • New algorithms require less manual articulation switching.
  • Up to 8 velocity layers and 80 variations per key.

This is one of the first Vienna Symphonic Library releases to incorporate the full acoustics of its outstanding scoring stage, while preserving the advanced performance technologies Vienna users rely on!

Synchron Strings I will be available in November, 2017.

String Players perform on the Synchron Stage


Early Bird Offer: 30% Off!

When you order Synchron Strings I before its official release in November, you'll get special Early Bird Pricing. That's 30% off the regular price!

Synchron Strings I Standard Library Full Library
Early Bird Price (Pre-release Order) $417 $764
Introductory Price (upon release in November, 2017) $446 $817
List Price $595 $1,090

Please find more information on Synchron Strings I: HERE

BONUS: Save up to 30% on All Strings**

During the month of October you'll save 20% when purchasing Vienna's existing String Collections and Bundles! And even better, when you order any of the products listed below together with Synchron Strings I (Standard Library or Full Library), you'll receive an additional discount of 10% off these string products!

The price of the Vienna Super Package has been lowered accordingly.

Please note that if you've already registered any products that are part of a Bundle (e.g., Orchestral Strings Bundle, Appassionata Strings Bundle, Strings Complete, etc.), you'll benefit from additional Complementary Discounts when completing the Bundle. Just order the respective Bundle at the discounted price, not the individual products you're missing, and your registered products will be automatically taken into account!

Here is a detailed list of all products with their regular prices and special prices during the promotional period:

Product Normally Special Price †With Synchron Strings I
Strings Complete Std. Library $3,190 $2,552 $2,233
Strings Complete Full Library $5,185 $4,148 $3,630
Solo Strings Bundle Std. Library $695 $556 $487
Solo Strings Bundle Full Library $1,090 $872 $764
Solo Strings I Std. Library $275 $220 $193
Solo Strings I Full Library $570 $456 $400
Solo Strings II Std. Library $235 $188 $165
Solo Strings II Full Library $390 $312 $274
Solo Violin 2 Std. Library $185 $148 $130
Solo Cello 2 Std. Library $185 $148 $130
Chamber Strings Bundle Std. Library $495 $396 $347
Chamber Strings Bundle Full Library $890 $712 $624
Chamber Strings I Std. Library $295 $236 $207
Chamber Strings I Full Library $650 $520 $456
Chamber Strings II Std. Library $255 $204 $179
Chamber Strings II Full Library $350 $280 $246
Orchestral Strings Bundle Std. Library $495 $396 $347
Orchestral Strings Bundle Full Library $990 $792 $694
Orchestral Strings I Std. Library $335 $268 $235
Orchestral Strings I Full Library $690 $552 $484
Orchestral Strings II Std. Library $295 $236 $207
Orchestral Strings II Full Library $590 $472 $414
Appass. Strings Bundle Std. Library $545 $436 $382
Appass. Strings Bundle Full Library $870 $696 $610
Appassionata Strings I Std. Library $335 $268 $235
Appassionata Strings I Full Library $590 $472 $414
Appassionata Strings II Std. Library $275 $220 $193
Appassionata Strings II Full Library $370 $296 $260
Dimension Strings Bundle Std. Library $1,170 $936 $819
Dimension Strings Bundle Full Library $1,765 $1,412 $1,236
Vienna Dimension Strings I Std. Library $595 $476 $417
Vienna Dimension Strings I Full Library $1,190 $952 $834
Vienna Dimension Strings II Std. Library $695 $556 $487

†When you purchase Synchron Strings I during this promotional period, you will be refunded the difference between the 20% discount you already received and the 30% discount you are entitled to.

*Prices based on MSRPs. Your personal price may be substantially lower due to upgrade and complementary discounts.

**Excludes Harps.

Vienna Price Guarentee


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