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Support Pages: Vienna Symphonic Library

General Pre-Sales Questions
Programming and Performing Support
Technical Support Topics

General Pre-Sales Questions

Q: What are the Vienna Instruments?
A: The Vienna Instruments are the latest products made by VSL. They are virtual instruments meaning they can not be used in a sampler such as Kontakt or EXS 24 because these products were made to be used exclusively in the Vienna Instrument or Vienna Ensemble Plug-in.

Q: What are the benefits of using the Vienna Instruments over their previous products?
A: All of the Vienna Instruments provide 24 bit samples unlike the previous sample library’s that were 16 bit. Because of the custom player that is included with each Vienna Instruments, you can now have features such as custom key switching, which allow you to control all the articulations for your instruments on one midi track, assignable midi continuous controller functions, Velocity cross fade, speed control and much more. Most users have been able to work 2-3 times faster with the Vienna Instruments!

Q: What is the difference between the Standard Library and the Extended Library?
A: Most Vienna Instruments include a Standard Library and an Extended Library. You have to buy the Standard Library first which includes the DVD’s and the serial number for the first level of the product which gives you certain content. The Extended Library unlocks additional content to the product and can be purchased online only. The Extended Library can be purchased at the same time with the Standard Library. Both the Standard Library and the Extended Library make up the Full Library for the product.

Q: Can I make good music with just the Standard Library of a Vienna Instrument?
A: The Standard Library provides the most essential articulations for your instruments but like any musician who does lots of different styles of music, the extra nuances and neat features found in the Extended Library can make the biggest difference to those that need as many options as possible.

Q: What are the hardware requirements for playing full orchestral arrangements in real time with the VSL library? Do I really need more than one computer?
A: This mainly depends on what and how you compose. Because of the technical advancements made today, machines continue to get faster and faster making it more possible to run everything on a dedicated computer. For more information on actual requirements to run one of the Vienna Instruments, please go to our product page and look up the actual product.

Q: What is the Vienna Key?
A: The Vienna Key is a eLicenser dongle which is required in order to run the Vienna Instruments. The Vienna Key stores the license of the product which must be plugged into a USB port in order to function properly.

Q: Is it possible to split up the contents of my Vienna Instrument to more than one machine?
A: Because of the nature of the Vienna Key, this is not possible unless you buy an additional copy of the Vienna Instrument product to receive a second license. This license could then be used on a second Vienna Key on your additional computer. Each product contains one license for it so you can split up different Vienna Instrument products on different machines if you wish. You will need to have a Vienna Key for each machine. For any questions on this, feel free to call us directly or contact VSL.

Q: What is the VIP Program?
A: The VIP Program allows you to receive some discounts on the Extended Library for a Vienna Instrument product if you own the Special Edition or Special Edition Plus product. This is only possible if you already own some of the content. For example, the Special Edition Standard Library contains a little bit of the Solo Strings 1 in it. If you choose to buy the actual Vienna Instrument Solo Strings 1 product by buying the Standard and Extended Library, you will receive a discount on the Extended Library. If you have any questions with how the VIP Program works, please contact us directly.

Q: I am interested in purchasing the VSL, but have a question about the number of users authorized to work with it. I have a writing partner with whom I co-compose and orchestrate. He and I generally share resources (mixers, software, etc) at my studio when we work on film projects. If we purchase a single VSL together, does that mean we can both use it in our work? Or must we purchase an additional license? Some of our work is credited as both names together, but some is credited to only one name if one of us is too busy to get involved.
A: Only the original buyer of the Vienna Symphonic Library is the licensee of the samples. So if two people are working on the same project, and the licensed user is doing the orchestration using the library, that's fine. It is not possible that two people share one library for working on different projects as it is not possible to sell one license to more than one person, or to a company. One license can only be sold to one individual person. Therefore, the question is not whether you are working on the same or on different projects, but the crucial point is that anyone who uses the sounds (the creative person) and who is not the original purchaser is doing so illegally.

Q: What is Vienna Ensemble and what is the difference between version 2 and 3?
A: Vienna Ensemble is a host software program exclusively for the Vienna Instruments that allows mixing of all the instruments in one interface. Vienna Ensemble can be used as a plug-in or as a standalone program and includes such features as power panning and template saving. The Vienna Ensemble is available in two different versions. Vienna Ensemble 3 is a purchased product that lets users send audio and MIDI information across a network, allowing the use of multiple slave machines for dozens of simultaneous instantiations of instruments. VSL were the first to develop an audio network between Macs and PCs using an Ethernet cable and no other audio hardware. Vienna Ensemble 2 is a product that is free for all Vienna Instrument users. It does not include a network function.

Programming and Performing Support

Q: What's the difference between glissando and portamento? I used to think they were the same.
A: A portamento should be thought of as a "slide" while a glissando consists of individual notes being sounded out however quickly the glissando occurs. Obviously, the musical effect of either one depends on the instrument (a piano and pitched mallet instruments are not capable of performing portamento), range of pitch and of course time.

Technical Support Topics

Q: How do I install and use the Vienna Instruments?
A: Please watch the videos found on the DVD included in the box. The videos are also available on the Vienna website (www.vsl.co.at) by clicking on Products and then Videos on the left hand column.

Q: After I have installed the Vienna Instruments, can I move the library to a different drive?
A: Yes. This is quite easy to do. After you have moved the library of your Vienna Instrument product, you will want to open up the Directory Manager and drag and drop the library into the white field. This should then update the Directory Manage. Simply restart your computer and the path to your library should be updated.

Q: During the installation of the Vienna instruments, I receive a message that the package info file appears to be corrupt. What do I need to do?
A: This is a very common message that can occur during installation. Make sure to wait a few minutes between each disc during the installation of the Vienna Instruments. DVD drives tend to get hot and therefore have issues reading the contents properly. If you still experience this issue after doing this, you can always create a folder on your desktop and drag the contents off of the DVD’s and select the Package info file from your folder on your desktop.

Q: I open up the Vienna Instruments plug-in in my DAW but I can't find any presets, patches, or matrices. What's wrong?
A: Be sure that you have the proper Vienna Instruments license for your product on your Vienna Key and that the Vienna Key is plugged into a USB port. This can be viewed in the eLicenser software found in Applications (for Mac) and Program Files/eLicenser (for PC). If not, you will need to use your activation code give to you by VSL after registering your Vienna Instrument product by clicking on the "Enter Activation Code" button in the eLicenser Control Center application.

Another possibility is that your Directory Manager needs to be updated. Go to Applications/Vienna Instruments (for Mac) or Program Files/Vienna Instruments (for PC) and launch the Directory Manager application. This will display where your Vienna Instruments is currently looking for your sample content. To be sure everything is setup properly, delete the entries listed here and then go to your hard drive where your sample content is installed. Drag and drop the folders into the Directory Manager window. This will add all of the entries. Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

Q: When I try to install the Special Edition using the Vienna Instruments Library Installer, I get a message that states: The following license needs to be installed “Special Edition Basic”. What’s wrong?
A: The eLicenser Control Center software is out of date. Go to www.elicenser.net and download the latest update. Also be sure to download the latest Vienna Instruments Software Installer found in the USER AREA of the Vienna Website (www.vsl.co.at)

Q: Where is the Pro Edition or Horizon Series?
A: The Pro Edition as well as the Horizon Series has been discontinued. All of the content from these titles have been included in the Vienna Instruments but they are now 24 bit and reprogrammed to be much easier to use. The repetition samples for example now have release samples for each note allowing you to play these at any speed.


If you still require Technical Support about any products purchased from ILIO or an authorized ILIO Dealer, or you have a Customer Service related question, please click this link for prompt and friendly service. You may also call our California support line at 818-707-3655.

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