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Q. How do I load my Akai sample CD-ROM into EXS 24 (32-bit only)?
A. First open Logic and the EXS 24. Near the upper right hand corner of the EXS 24 interface are two buttons marked Edit and Options. Click the Options button and select Akai convert. The Akai convert window will appear and in that window you’ll see four sections named Partition, Volume, Program, and Audio file. Also you’ll see the prompt “Waiting for Akai CD”. Once you insert the disc, the Partition section will display its alphabetized partitions. Click on any of the partitions and in the Volume section will appear groups of samples. Click on any of the groups and Programs will appear. Click on a Program and audio files will appear in the Audio File section. You can now convert a partition, a volume, a program, or convert the whole disc in one shot (recommended).

Q. How do I load an Akai CD-ROM disc into Giga 3?
A. Open Giga and insert the Akai disc into your Giga PC. At the lower left hand side of the Giga interface is a browser with a list of icons. Click on the CD icon if the partitions of the Akai are not displayed. Within the partitions will be programs and samples that you may load. If you want to convert the whole disc, simply highlight all partitions and right click. A menu will appear allowing you to specify where you wish to save the disc’s contents.

Q. How do I convert Akai CD-ROMs to HALion?
A. First, open your host and HALion 2. HALion 2 opens in Macro mode. In this mode, in the lower part of the interface, click open the Import window. You can then select which drive you want to import the Akai files from. Insert the Akai CD-ROM and the Partitions will appear on the left. You can then import a Partition, a Volume, a Program or the entire disc. Please note: In the original HALion there is no import button, go to “options” and “import files.” In HALion 3, there is a Browser button that opens the Browser window. This window is probably the easiest browser to deal with, as far as sound management is concerned. Insert the Akai disc in the Browser and click the disc button and you’ll see the partitions appear.

Q. How do I convert Akai CD-ROMs into Native Instruments’ Kontakt?
1. In the upper pane of the File Browser, locate and select a container object that contains a number of programs to be converted. This can be a folder, a monolith (like a GigaStudio .gig file), or a volume (like an AKAI S-1000/S-3000 CD).

2. Click on the button labeled Import at the top of the File Browser. A pop-up dialog will appear asking you to specify destination folders for the converted Instrument and Samples.

3. Specify suitable destination folders by clicking on the Choose buttons and locating them via the file selector.

4. Once the destination folders are set correctly, click on Convert to start the import process. Depending on the size of the imported set, this might take a while.

5. Once the process has finished, the status window will disappear. You can now navigate tothe folder you've specified in the File Browser and access your library in KONTAKT format.

Q. How do I load my Akai sample CD-ROM in MachFive.
A. First launch MachFive. In the rust colored window in the upper left hand corner is a tab marked UVI Xtract. Click on this tab and once UVI Xtract is open click on the disc menu right above where it says Partition. Then choose insert Sampler Disc and put the CD-ROM in the computer. After a brief moment a list of partitions will appear. Then you can select a partition to see the content, or a volume to see its individual programs. Once you’ve selected a program, click the save program tab at bottom right hand corner. You can also convert the entire disc by clicking UVI Xtract’s Disc tab menu and selecting Convert Full Disc.


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