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MAC OSX 10.9 "Mavericks" Information

Last update: 10/30/13

As music professionals, we live on the bleeding edge of technology. It's part of our livelihood to know the most current sounds, software, production techniques, and gadgets that will aid us in our creative processes.

History has shown us creative types that we usually need to wait before adopting a new OS. Why wait? It takes time for developers of our favorite and regularly used go-to tools to fully test an operating system, go through all the motions, vet any bugs, re-code/re-compile, test again, and so on to make sure that stability is determined.

Currently, most of the producers that ILIO distributes are in the testing phases of OSX 10.9 and are making great progress to officially support Apple's latest OS.

Here are the producers who have officially announced Mavericks compatibility:


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