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Please follow these steps to get your FREE Revolve update:

1. If you purchased Revolve through a dealer or through ILIO prior to September, 2019, please enter the email address you used for that purchase.

2. Complete and submit the form below.

3. Wait for us to process your request (please allow up to one week due to high volume).

If you purchased Revolve or the ILIO Patch Bundle after September, 2019, you do NOT need to fill out this form. Instead, please log in to your account: HERE and download from your "My Downloads" area.

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*Must be a verified owner of Revolve or the ILIO Patch Bundle

The new patches included are:

From MIDIhead

  • BPM BASS - Beauty Bitz Remix
  • BPM BASS - Bliss Bomb
  • BPM BASS - Fat Hammer
  • BPM BELL - Fantasy Real
  • BPM BELL - House Call
  • BPM BELL - Warm Water
  • BPM PERC - VaxYume
  • BPM PLUCK - Slide Flighty
  • BPM SYNTH - Better Times
  • BPM SYNTH - Brightly Binary
  • BPM SYNTH - Chordal Portal
  • BPM SYNTH - Fly Home
  • BPM SYNTH - FormAnt
  • BPM SYNTH - Washover Me

From J. Scott of Summer Channel

  • BPM ARP - Banger Pi
  • BPM ARP - Deliberation
  • BPM BASS - Low End Specialist
  • BPM BASS - Rotund
  • BPM SFX - Pardon Me
  • BPM SYNTH - Descent
  • BPM SYNTH - Head Trip
  • BPM SYNTH - Magic Carpet
  • BPM SYNTH - Plopcorn
  • BPM VOX - Sporadic Moments
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