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  • Vienna Pre-Loaded Hard Drive Vienna Pre-Loaded Hard Drive

Vienna Pre-Loaded Hard Drive

Quick Overview

Every Vienna Instruments collection comes with both the Vienna Instruments player and Vienna Ensemble. Get Vienna Instruments Pro and Vienna Ensemble Pro to add another layer of expression to Vienna Instruments and improve your workflow.

The Vienna Hard Drive is the ultimate anthology and delivery method for the Vienna Symphonic Library. This external 2 TB USB hard drive contains all of the existing Vienna Instruments Collections (formerly known as “DVD Collections”) as well as seven additional Single Instruments that have never appeared on any Vienna Instruments Collection.


If you purchase several Vienna Instruments Collections, or one of our specially priced Bundles (e.g., Strings Complete, Woodwinds Bundle or the Vienna Super Package), downloading all of the library files could be daunting, especially with a low-speed Internet connection. By ordering the optional Vienna Hard Drive you’ll get the complete Vienna Super Package, and more, on a handy device that also works great for backup and recovery. In addition, all of the products you’ve purchased will always remain available for download in your personal User Area on Vienna Symphonic Library website. Important: The Vienna Hard Drive is a 5,200 RPM, portable drive that comes NTFS formatted. You must have three available USB ports (two to power/transfer data from the drive, and one for the ViennaKey or other eLicenser protection device). The Vienna Hard Drive contains the compressed installation files (*.cab files) of all Vienna Instruments Collections. These *.cab files come with an installer that will guide you through decompressing the sample content to another drive of your choice. Before you can use your Vienna Instrument Collection, you must install the sample content from the Vienna Hard Drive onto your production drive as the Vienna Hard Drive is intended for delivery and backup only. The Vienna Hard Drive does not include any Serial Numbers. You’ll find the Serial Number(s) on the Certificate or in the email you’ll receive upon purchase of the corresponding Vienna Instruments Collections, including select Single Instruments (see full list below). You can easily purchase other Vienna Instruments Collections from the ILIO website, or from your authorized Vienna Symphonic Library dealer and quickly install them from the Vienna Hard Drive as needed.
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