Clarinet (Bb) 2, Introductory Offer, and 20% Discount on Winds.

Clarinet (Bb) 2, Introductory Offer, and 20% Discount on Winds.

Introducing Vienna Clarinet (Bb) 2

Vienna’s all-new Clarinet (Bb) 2 is truly an exceptional virtual instrument as it features new playing techniques that you simply won’t find in other libraries. Offering a host of basic and advanced articulations, this Single Instrument is also a musical treasure-trove for contemporary composers who like to experiment and get new sounds from traditional instruments. Try the various looped multiphonics and create unique, atmospheric textures and soundscapes by adding effects such as delay and reverb.

Introductory Offer: 50% Discount!

VSL is offering a special introductory price on Clarinet (Bb) 2 through April 30, 2015. If you've registered (or completed) one of the following Bundles, you’ll get 50% off Clarinet (Bb) 2:

  • Woodwinds Bundle
  • Winds Complete
  • Vienna Super Package

If you have registered the Standard Library of any of these Bundles, you’ll get a 50% discount on the Clarinet (Bb) 2 Standard Library. If you’ve registered the Full Library, you’ll receive a 50% discount on the Clarinet (Bb) 2 Full Library.

(Again the 50% discount requires registration or completion of the above listed bundles.)

Clarinet (Bb) 2
Standard Library Introductory Price $37.50, Regularly $75.00
Full Library Introductory Price $65.00, Regularly $130.00

And there’s more:

20% Off All Woodwind Products!

If you want to upgrade from a Standard Library to the Full Library, or if you’re missing some Woodwinds Collections, now is the perfect time to complete your bundle!

By completing a bundle (e.g., the Woodwinds Bundle Full Library) you will benefit from Vienna’s new Complementary Discounts, which are determined by what products in the bundle you’ve already registered.

What’s more, take advantage of a 20% price reduction on all Collections and Single Instruments in the Woodwinds category as well as all Special Edition Woodwind Sections, only during the month of April!*

Combine these offers to complete your Bundles at Complementary Discounts, and get 20% off the top, plus receive the all-new Clarinet (Bb) 2 for half price!

*Excludes Clarinet (Bb) 2.

Vienna Price Guarentee


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