Up to 25% off Vienna Extended Libraries!

Expand your Vienna Instruments Collections with Extended Libraries at special discounts, only this July!

Buy 1 Extended Library —› Receive a 15% discount
Buy 2 Extended Libraries —› Receive a 20% discount
Buy 3 or more Extended Libraries —› Receive a 25% discount

Promotional percentage discount will be applied to your personal upgrade price based on your registered products. Products must be purchased together in one order to qualify for the discounts.

This offer is valid for all Extended Libraries of the large Vienna Instruments Collections (excluding Bundles) from July 1 through July 31, 2014.

Extended Libraries complete the Standard Libraries with a large number of additional articulations, and some Extended Libraries (such as Orchestral Strings I or Brass I) contain more than four times the amount of samples than their corresponding Standard Libraries!

Choose any Extended Libraries from 20 different Vienna Instruments Collections:

Solo Strings I Woodwinds I
Solo Strings II Woodwinds II
Chamber Strings I Special Woodwinds
Chamber Strings II Saxophones
Orchestral Strings I Brass I
Orchestral Strings II Brass II
Appassionata Strings I Special Brass
Appassionata Strings II Percussion
Vienna Dimension Strings Elements
Harps Vienna Choir

Call 1-800-747-4546 or order online (your discount will be refunded upon completion of your order).

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