New Vienna Dimension Brass II, Introductory Offer, Plus 20% Off Brass Products!

Create Your Own Symphonic Cube and Get FREE Instruments

Limited Time Offer, July 1 – 31, 2015

Save $100 Now on the New Vienna Dimension Brass II

This brand-new Vienna Instruments Collection features four brass ensembles of four players each. In addition to three muted brass ensembles (4 trumpets, 4 French horns, 4 trombones) you'll find a unique ensemble of 4 Wagner Tubas – instruments that were originally created for Wagner's epic Ring Cycle.

As with its predecessor Vienna Dimension Brass I, the four ensemble players of these sections were recorded in groups, but with dedicated microphones for each instrument, resulting in a homogenous ensemble sound while still allowing direct (individual) access to each voice.

Introductory Offer through July 31, 2015

Take advantage of Vienna's special introductory price, $495 (normally $595), and download the trumpet and trombone ensembles as well as the Wagner tubas of Vienna Dimension Brass II right away! (Muted French horns should be available to download near the end of July.)

20% Off All Brass Products!

During the month of July, get 20% off all Brass Collections* and Single Instruments in the Brass category as well as all Special Edition Brass Sections!

What's more, if you are missing some Brass Collections, or you want to upgrade from a Standard Library to the Full Library, now is the perfect time to complete your products! Just order the Bundle (e.g., the Brass Bundle Full Library) and you will benefit from Vienna's new Complementary Discounts, which are based on any products included in this bundle that you've already registered.

So combine these offers to:
• Complete your Brass Bundle at Complementary Discounts
• Get 20% off the top
• Receive the all-new Vienna Dimension Brass II at an even lower price than its introductory price!

For our loyal customers who have registered all parts of the Brass Bundle already (i.e., Brass I, Brass II, Special Brass, Trumpet (Bb), Trumpet (Bb) muted, Flugelhorn) this means that the price of Vienna Dimension Brass II is only $379 when you complete your Brass Bundle!

And if this was not enough… Since brass instruments make up a big part of Winds Complete and the Vienna Super Package, the prices of these bundles are significantly lower, but only this July! Please see the complete price list below.

Here is a complete list of all special prices in July 2015:

Brass I
Brass II
Special Brass
Vienna Dimension Brass I
Vienna Dimension Brass II

Brass Bundle
Winds Complete
Vienna Super Package

SE Vol. 1 Brass
SE Vol. 1 Brass PLUS
SE Vol. 2 Brass
SE Vol. 2 Brass PLUS

Piccolo Trumpet
Trumpet in C
Trumpet in C muted
Trumpet in Bb
Trumpet in Bb muted
Trumpet Ensemble (3 players)
Trumpet Ensemble muted
Fanfare Trumpets (6 players)
Bass Trumpet
Viennese Horn
Triple Horn
Horn Ensemble (4 players)
Epic Horns (8 players)
Alto Trombone
Tenor Trombone
Tenor Trombone muted
Trombone Ensemble (3 players)
Trombone Ensemble muted
Bass Trombone
Contrabass Trombone
Bass Tuba
Contrabass Tuba
Wagner Tuba

* Excludes Vienna Dimension Brass II

Take advantage of these amazing discounts while you can!


Vienna Price Guarentee


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