Overloud, an Almateq brand, is based in Modena, Italy. The company's mission is to produce state-of-the-art software and hardware tools for musicians. Overloud is developing innovative signal processing technologies, based on several years of research in the audio DSP field. Overloud products feature intuitive and lifelike user interfaces making them very easy to use.

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  1. TH-U Premium

  2. American Classics - Rig Library for TH-U

  3. British Classics - Rig Library for TH-U

  4. SuperCabinet - Revolutionary IR Processor

  5. Gem EQP - Three Iconic Passive EQ Units

  6. REmatrix + Factory IR Library

  7. Gems Bundle - Mixing and Mastering Suite


  8. Gem VOICE - Complete Vocal Production

  9. Gem Modula - Three Legendary Chorus/Modulation Units

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