Delta Sound Labs is an audio technology company based in the United States. They are a team of artists and engineers focused on bridging analog and digital domains to create new instruments for the music, film, and gaming industries.

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Delta Sound Labs

  1. Alpha Bundle - Delta Sound Labs Alpha Bundle - Delta Sound Labs

    Alpha Bundle - Delta Sound Labs

    Delta Sound Labs is proud to introduce a new bundle that includes both Stream, their granular synthesis plug-in, and Fold, their new distortion synthesis plug-in.

  2. Fold - Delta Sound Labs

    At the heart of Fold is its wavefolding engine, and by using an assortment of modules in an in-series FX chain, Fold imbues input signals with harmonically rich overtones and, if pushed to the extremes, completely transforms them with a unique form of distortion.

  3. Stream - Delta Sound Labs

    Stream from Delta Sound Labs is a granular sampler audio effects plug-in for sound design, intricate delays and live performance. Its clean sound separates it from typical spectral or frequency granulators and it's a great way to layer and widen your audio source.

    You can try a limited version of Stream free: MAC or WIN

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