Synthogy is a Massachusetts based audio software company founded by George Taylor and Joe Ierardi, former engineers of Kurzweil Music Systems. Together they bring more than 35 years of design experience in synthesizers, musical instruments, effects, and sound design to the field of Virtual Instruments.

Ivory II

Ivory II Upgrade Information

The new Ivory II engine will ship in all Ivory products. Please click here for more information about Ivory II features.

All products require iLok.

Standard Upgrade: Anyone who has purchased any Ivory 1.0, 1.5, or 1.7 product can upgrade to the Ivory II version of that product for the following price (tax, shipping and handling charges apply):

$129 Ivory II–Grand Pianos STANDARD UPGRADE

$69 Ivory II–Italian Grand Pianos STANDARD UPGRADE

$109 Ivory II–Upright Pianos STANDARD UPGRADE


All upgrades include a new set of DVDs with the newly expanded sample libraries, the Ivory II engine software, and an Ivory II manual.

The new Ivory II product line consists of:
Ivory II–American Concert D $199
Ivory II–Grand Pianos $349
Ivory II–Italian Grand $179
Ivory II–Upright Pianos $299

Please contact your favorite dealer or call ILIO at 800-747-4546 to order your Ivory II upgrade.

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