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  1. Chromaphone 2

    Creative Percussion Synthesizer

    Chromaphone 2 is a must have for musicians and producers. At the turn of a few knobs you can become an instrument builder—shaping metal, carving wood, and stretching skins. Create and perform expressive, responsive instruments that have a real-life presence.
    Download Free Trial: OSX : Windows

  2. Ultra Analog VA-3 Ultra Analog VA-3

    Ultra Analog VA-3

    Virtual Analog Synth

    Boasting fat, alias-free oscillators with hard sync, sub oscillators and integrated pitch envelopes, Ultra Analog's unique character comes courtesy of two ballsy multimode filters with multiple drive and distortion options.
    Download Free Trial: OSX : Windows

  3. Lounge Lizard EP-4

    EP-4 Electric Piano

    Lounge Lizard EP-4 is the recreation of classic electric pianos and delivers the authentic tone of the originals, while also preserving their action and feel.
    Download Free Trial: OSX : Windows

  4. Strum GS-2

    Guitar Modeling Synth

    Strum GS-2 reproduces both the sound of acoustic and electric guitars and also the playing techniques of a guitar player, which makes producing realistic guitar tracks very straightforward.
    Download Free Trial: OSX : Windows

  5. String Studio VS-3

    String Modeling Synthesizer

    Consisting of picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, and dampers, String Studio VS-3 offers a unique blend of modern and creative synthesis.
    Download Free Trial: OSX : Windows

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