BREAKING - Overloud Announces that TH-U Full is now TH-U Premium

Overloud is proud to introduce TH-U Premium, the most advanced version of TH-U that includes all of the current components and features of TH-U Full, and also supports expansion with future models, libraries and add-ons, both free and paid. Overloud is automatically upgrading all TH-U Full licenses to TH-U Premium for free.

A particularly exciting part, Overloud is including their revolutionary new SuperCabinet module in TH-U Premium at no additional cost for all TH-U Full users. The SuperCabinet is powered by Overloud’s Fluid Convolution technology, which allows you to easily swap speakers to build your own custom cabinets, in addition to choosing from a huge selection microphones and positioning them to create your own trademark sound. For more details about SuperCabinet, click here!

While the name has changed, rest-assured that TH-U Premium is the same as TH-U Full in every way, only better! Thank you as always for your support and we look forward to hearing more of your amazing guitar tones as Overloud's TH-U universe continues to evolve and expand.

There is no action needed on your side — TH-U Full users will find the new features with an automatic update.

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