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Concert Guitar

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Concert Guitar
Price From: $53.00

System Requirements

  • PC Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • macOS 10.10 (latest update) or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • VIENNA KEY (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device) or other USB eLicenser (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia)

Other configurations may work but are not actively supported.


  • Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
  • macOS 10.12 (or higher), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
  • 8 GB RAM
  • SSD or fast separate hard drive (7200 rpm or faster)
  • AU/VST/AAX compatible host (also works stand-alone)
  • AAX version requires Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher
  • 88 key master keyboard

Hard Drive Space Requirements

  • 4.6 GB free hard drive space for the Standard Library, 10.3 GB for the Full Library
Concert Guitar
01 SHORT + LONG NOTES Staccato normal and Bartók
Sustained and ponticello, without and with vibrato
Harmonics artificial and natural
Staccato étouffé
Flautando with and without vibrato
Bartók (snapped) with and without vibrato
02 HAMMER Hammer-ons
D, E, A, d, g, b, e strings
All strings combination
03 TRILLS & CO Trills, half and whole tone Tremolo, short
Bends, half tone, up and down
04 FX Scratches combination Golpe
Harp effects
Scratches on E, A, D
Muted chords
10 PERF INTERVAL Legato normal
Legato sul ponticello
Hammer-ons and pull-offs
11 PERF REPETITION Legato slow
Legato fast, var. 1
Legato medium
Legato fast, var. 2
Ponticello medium and fast
Legato crescendo and diminuendo
12 FAST REPETITION Fast repetitions
Crescendo and diminuendo
13 CHORDS on 4-6 Strings - Major and minor 3- and 4-key chords, C to B major and minor
Rasguando short
Arpeggio/rasguando long
13 CHORDS on 4-6 Strings - Chromatic Chords in chromatic progression
Battente, pulled, rasguando short, and arpeggio/long rasguando
Major, minor, dominant 7, major 7, and minor 7 chords on 6, 5, and 4 strings
Diminished 7, major 7 with augmented 5th, minor 7 with diminished 5th, and minor with major 7th chords
Sus4 and 7sus4, with the E, A, and D strings as base
14 CHORDS on 3 Strings Chords played on 3 strings in chromatic progression
Battente, pulled, and rasguando short
Major base, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion, with 8ve
Minor base, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion
Minor 7, dominant 7, diminished 7, sus4
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