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General FAQ

How do I mount the mouthpiece to the "hb1 Neck Set"?

Please check this video:

How do I mount the sensor unit to the "hb1 Neck Set"?

Please check this video:

How do I check the firmware version of my hb1?

To do this, you must enter the "Service Mode" of the hb1. Please be careful!

  • First unplug the USB cable from the hb1. While holding down the black button and plug in the USB cable again. Release the black button! Now you see "vrS" on the hb1 display; this means "version".
  • Press the rotary encoder once. The display shows now the firmware version number. For example, 3.27 or 3.2C ... or another number.
  • Press the black button repeatedly until "End" appears on the display.
  • Now press the rotary encoder one time and the hb1 will restart .... finished!

How do I get the "hb1Control" Firmware Chip Upgrade Kit - Version 3.2I?

The latest firmware is available for free for all customers of Hornberg Research. Please contact ILIO and we will assist you.

How do I perform the firmware upgrade?

If you use the "hb1Control" app for the first time, you should write down your hb1 presets, since all presets are lost during the chip change.

If you already use the "hb1Control" app, please make sure that you perform the "Save all presets to file" function before the chip change.

Afterwards, first look at the video guide below! Following step by step this video you have to perform exactly the chip upgrade and calibration of the hb1.

Important: If you are not confident about this chip change, or if you encounter any difficulties, you can write Hornberg an e-mail and arrange a Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts video appointment, or contact ILIO. We will be glad to assist you with the upgrade.

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