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General FAQ

What is a Vienna Key and why do I need one?

A Vienna Key is Vienna's license protection device and is required to use any software or library from Vienna. This device is similar to the Steinberg Key and utilizes the same software (eLicenser Control Center).

If you do not already own a Vienna Key you can purchase one from ILIO by clicking HERE or from any of our Authorized Dealers.

What is the difference between the VI Series, Synchron Series, and Special Edition?

The VI Series is Vienna's original, massive sample library. The products of the Vienna Instruments Series were recorded in the relatively dry environment of Vienna's Silent Stage and are available individually or in specially priced bundles in the categories of STRINGS, WINDS, PERCUSSION, KEYBOARDS, VOICES and PLUCKED. The VI Super Package includes all products of these categories combined. With its unsurpassed number of over three million pristine sound recordings, this tour de force is by far the largest compilation of orchestral samples on the planet. The Standard Libraries contain core and basic articulations while the Full Library

Vienna's new Synchron Series combines extraordinary musicianship, engineering, recording technology and software innovation with the exceptional acoustics of one of the best-sounding scoring stages on the planet. Played by members of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, recorded at Vienna's own Synchron Stage Vienna by top engineers, and backed by decade-long sampling experience – our Synchron Series sets new standards in sound, playability and realism.

The Vienna Special Editions offer a large-scale orchestra and more at your fingertips, in resource-saving, affordable packages. All sounds work perfectly in a variety of musical styles, from pop and rock environments to large symphonic arrangements. Compared to the VI Series or Synchron Series, Special Edition contains fewer articulations and velocity layers but still covers all the instruments of an orchestra, making it the perfect choice for composers ready to get started with Vienna. Special Edition uses the free Vienna Instruments player, also is included in the VI Series instruments. Owners of any Special Edition Library are also eligible for a discount when upgrading to the VI Series.

Do I have to pay additional licensing fees if my use of these samples ends up on a hit record or other high-profile projects?

No, your original purchase is your only license fee, and you're free to use it in as many musical recordings as you want, forever. We hope you do get to use our sounds on a hit!

Do I have to credit this product if I use it on a recording?

With your purchase of a Vienna Instruments Collection, you agree to use the following wording in any credits or liner notes accompanying the music recording, be it a music CD, cassette, or soundtrack compilation: "Orchestral samples included in this recording from the Vienna Symphonic Library". Screen credit for film and television use is not required, but highly appreciated.

Can my writing partner, colleagues or friends use the sounds or the software once I’ve licensed the product? Can I form a group to buy and share products?

No, each person who uses the sounds or the software must purchase their own copy (which licenses them to use the sounds). Anyone other than the original purchaser of the product, who uses the sounds or the software, is doing so illegally – risking legal action against both them and their clients! Contact us regarding package deals for special circumstances.

Can I offer the sounds or the software to clients as part of my recording studio or rental company services? Or, as a freelance sound designer, can I put custom compilation discs together (or any other medium) that include your sounds for my composer clients?

NO. Sorry, but each person who uses the sounds (the creative person) has to be a licensed user. Otherwise, this could cause tremendous legal problems for studio or rental clients.

Can I use these samples to make "Music Libraries"?

Yes, unlike some soundware companies, this is fully allowed with all of our products. The sounds have to be used within a musical context, however, and cannot be presented isolated or "solo'ed".

Can I use these sounds in Multimedia projects?

Maybe, as long as the sounds are irremovably imbedded in music. Contact us if you're still unsure.

Can I use these sounds to make and publish DLS sets?

No. Any such usage is prohibited without prior clearance from us. Otherwise, you’re in direct violation of our license agreements. Contact us for more information.

Is it OK to sell the product to someone else if I'm finished with the project that I needed it for?

License Transfers will be handled on a case-by-case basis as a special customer service. It will be necessary to announce a license transfer to us, and both you and the new licensee will have to agree to the license transfer. A nominal fee will be charged per transferred license.

What if I still have questions?

The following license agreement covers all of your rights in detail. If you still have questions, please contact VSL at to discuss any particular licensing questions you may have.

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