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Heart of Africa Vol. 1

Quick Overview

Heart of Africa Vol. 1
Price From: $129.00


An unprecedented sonic expedition into the rich musical heritage of Africa. Discover a fascinating compilation of strange & wonderful instruments, voices, and performances that evoke deep images & primitive emotions.
Digitally recorded on location in tribes, villages & studios all across the African continent.
An intriguing disc for your next film score, remix or album project.
Volume one includes authentic African phrases & multi-sampled instruments:
     South African Choirs (phrases & chants)
     Tribal Choirs (with Chromazones(tm) phrases & multisamples)
     Solo male & female african vocalists (phrases & utterances)
     Body Percussion, Stomping, Marching, Screams & Jumping rituals
     Massive African percussion, fx & ensembles (instrument samples & loops)
     Extensive collection of Kalimbas, Sansas, M'biras (phrases & multisamples)
     Marimba, Slit/Log Drums & Balaphone
     Bushman instruments
     Ethiopian Harps
     Berimbau, Mouth bows
     Nigerian Udus
     Berber yells & Morrocan instruments from N.Africa
     S.African Guitar grooves
     Tribal remix grooves
     Mozambique hunting horns & Pygmy pipes
     Village ambiences & SFX
     and much much more!
     *Instruments are available with both Traditional & Western tunings.
The Heart of Africa series has been produced with the same standard of excellence as the renown Heart of Asia library.