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Heart of Asia

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Heart of Asia
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Phrases, Instruments, and Utterances from the Far East

The world's first comprehensive collection of Asian instruments and phrases. Digitally recorded in the heart of Asia, this remarkable two-disc set includes over a gigabyte of beautifully multi-sampled:

  • Angklung phrases & samples
  • Indian, Javanese, and Thai percussion & ensemble grooves
  • Nepalese, Malaysian, and Indonesian percussion ensembles
  • Complete Javanese Gamelan Orchestra
  • Chinese, Malay, Nepalese, and Indian flute phrases
  • Indian Tambouras
  • Tibetan Wool Bow
  • Chinese & Malay temple flutes
  • Indian Bamboo Bass Flute phrases
  • Dragon Drums
  • Tibetan Parade Band with Horses
  • Chinese Cymbals and Gongs
  • Sitar phrases and samples
  • Veena, Pipa, Erhu, San Xuan, Luan, & Yang Chin
  • Thai & Malay Orchestra phrases and samples
  • Guzhen- Chinese Koto instruments, glissandos & phrases
  • Tibetan children singing
  • Chinese and Thai Opera divas - vocal phrases
  • Sanskrit, Hindi, Malay, Javanese, Thai and Mandarin vocal phrases, chants, poetry and speech
  • 300 Tibetan monks singing and drumming in a cave and much, much more!

*Instruments are available with both Traditional & Western tunings.

All samples from this reknowned collection are completely authentic, 100% COPYRIGHT CLEAN, royalty free and record-ready for your next film score, album or remix project.

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