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  1. Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

    Vienna Ensemble Pro has become the definitive cross-platform network solution in studios and production facilities around the world. It allows you to expand the power of your workstation by seamlessly adding additional Mac and Windows computers as servers over a network. So you can, for example, host all of your sample libraries on separate machines without sacrificing speed or convenience and while vastly improving your CPU load. In addition, Vienna Ensemble Pro lets you run 32-bit plug-ins on a 64-bit machine, close and open sequencer projects without having to reload samples, use your Audio Units plug-ins in Pro Tools, and eliminates the need for having separate audio interfaces on your slave computers.

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  2. Vienna Instruments Pro 2

    Vienna Instruments Pro 2 will improve your work-flow dramatically. We’ve included a host of features that will not only make your creative process faster and easier, but also add human behavior to your music. Stack multiple instruments in a single instance of Vienna Instruments Pro 2, play them with polyphonic legato, and breathe even more life into the samples by controlling the performance accuracy of your virtual musicians in real-time, at the touch of a single fader. Super fast loading-times, time stretching, built-in reverb and EQ, and an intuative user interface with basic and advanced views – among so many other cool features – come together to create a powerhouse of orchestral production that will add life to your music in ways you never imagined.

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