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Upgrade to SWAM Viola v3

Quick Overview

Upgrade from v2 to v3 today and take advantage of powerful MIDI mapping feature that supports CC, Hi-Res CC, After-Touch NRPN, remapping curves that allow more customization and sensitivity to any controller, realistic Legatos,
new Pizzicato Model, general sound improvements and behavior of bowed string, timbral correction feature, standalone version, VST3 plug-in format, Native Instruments NKS compatibility, and real-time bow Sensitivity Control (on bowing mode).

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An incredibly realistic, real-time controllable, and expressive virtual viola. SWAM-S technology guarantees the same natural reactions as a real instrument. With SWAM instruments you can compose and arrange your orchestra pieces or concertos.

SWAM Viola is an incredibly realistic, real-time controllable, expressive virtual viola. Developed by Audio Modeling using SWAM technology, it guarantees the same natural reactions as a real instrument.

SWAM Viola is instrument modeled with algorithms, recreating the behavior of the real acoustic instrument. There are no pre-recorded samples—that’s why there are endless expressive sound combinations you can achieve.

For example, assign the bow pressure to a knob of any MIDI controller, and create your own expressive music!


SWAM Technology overcomes the limitations that are typical of traditional samplers through a combination of innovative performance techniques and concepts of physical and behavioral modeling, with no samples required.

SWAM Viola only weighs a few Megabytes. As a producer, composer or live performer, you can use SWAM Viola for any musical genre by layering it in a sections with no artifacts and simply selecting different timbres for each instance.


All the following parameters are controllable in real-time (through MIDI) or by a Digital Audio Workstation:

  • Expression (Dynamic)
  • Note transitions (Staccato / Legato / Portamento) with no KeySwitches
  • Bow Pressure, Bow Position
  • Play Mode (Bowed, Pizzicato, Col Legno)
  • Mono vs Double polyphony
  • Vibrato Depth, Vibrato Rate, Tremolo On/Off
  • Tremolo Speed, Harmonics
  • Portamento Time
  • Portamento split point (across strings)
  • Attack speed
  • Dynamic Transitions
  • Sordino On/Off
  • String preferred selection
  • Alternate Fingering
  • Bow Lift
  • Bow Start (Up / Down)
  • Sustain
  • Microtuning
  • Main Volume
  • Pan Pot
  • Reverb Mix

Now Updated to v3! 

  • Powerful MIDI Mapping feature that supports CC, Hi-Res CC, After-Touch NRPN, and remapping curves that allow more customization and sensitivity to any controller.
  • Realistic Legatos
  • New Pizzicato Model
  • General Sound improvement and behavior of bowed string
  • Timbral correction feature. You’ll be able to select up to two harmonics to adjust (for emphasis or reduction).
  • Standalone version, introduced VST3 plug-in format, and Native Instruments NKS compatibility.
  • Real-time bow Sensitivity Control (on bowing mode). This gives you the ability to transform the bow, from a short bow with soft strokes to a full-length bow with strong strokes.


SWAM Engine digitally handcrafted acoustic instruments are never a simple recording of notes via sample libraries, but rather a set of real virtual instruments based on their traditional counterparts. Audio Modeling's technology allows you to fully control the expression of any virtual acoustic instrument. You won’t need any Giga-sized pre-recorded library: the smallest footprint is enough to guarantee the perfect organic consistency resulting from the endless expressive parameters that are unique of every live performance.


These instruments exploit our proprietary SWAM-S engine, a powerful Physical Modeling technology derived from the Digital Waveguides approach.


AU, VST, VST3, AAX 64bit


10.7 – 10.15 (Catalina)


Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Required space after installation: 15 MB for two plugins
RAM occupancy: about 15 MB for each instrument instance


The realism and expressiveness of the SWAM instrument requires a computer with at least a 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU for running a single plugin instance. Less powerful systems may also prove satisfactory, but may require larger buffer sizes, involving higher latencies.

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