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The Fame Series: Modern Pop — Patches for Omnisphere 2™

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Modern Pop, the second installment in The Fame Series for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, introduces an abundance of contemporary synth tones recreated from modern hits. These tones are radio ready, and designed to sit perfectly in your mix.

Please note: This patch collection is not included in the ILIO Patch Bundle

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The Fame: Modern Pop for Omnisphere 2

The Fame Series pays homage to famous synth sounds used in popular music, and with Modern Pop, the focus is on songs from the 90s to today. From Billie Eilish to Kanye West, Tyler, the Creator, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Lady Gaga, this collection is no stranger to the spotlight. These patches serve as great starting points for new, organic compositions. And since they are replicated from famous songs, they'll create magic in your track with very little fuss.

Check out the exclusive interview with Fame creator Reverb Machine!

While the sounds of Modern Pop may have gold record status, and are very recognizable in their original context, they shine in a whole new light when called into service in your original music. Let this collection infuse your tracks with the sheen and polish of professional sound design!

Included in The Fame: Modern Pop (8 new patches added on 11/23/20)

  • BASS - Dua Physical
  • BASS - Beyonce Dreams
  • BASS - Billie Bad Bass
  • BASS - Bruno 24K Moog
  • BASS - Bruno Locked Bass
  • BASS - Daft Around the World
  • BASS - Frank Pyramid Moog
  • BASS - Gaga Telephone Bass
  • BASS - Katy Roar
  • BASS - Rihanna Dont Stop
  • BASS - Rihanna Found Love Bass
  • BASS - Rihanna Work Bass
  • BASS - Sia Chandelier Bass
  • BASS - Taylor Blank Bass
  • BASS - Taylor Calm Down
  • BASS - Taylor Man Bass
  • BASS - Taylor NY Bass
  • BASS - XCX Gone Bass
  • BPM BASS - Bieber Friends
  • BPM BASS - Gaga Stupid Love Bass
  • BPM BASS - Grimes Genesis
  • BPM BASS - Robyn Dancing Bass
  • BPM BASS - Taylor Style
  • BPM SYNTH - Igors Arps
  • BPM SYNTH - Mars 24K Arp
  • BPM SYNTH - Miley Wrecking Pluck
  • BPM SYNTH - Robyn Dancing Arps
  • BPM SYNTH - Robyn Hang Arps
  • BPM SYNTH - Weeknd Eyes Arps
  • LEAD - Bieber Sorry Horn
  • LEAD - Billie Bad Lead
  • LEAD - Bruno Heaven Lead
  • LEAD - Calvin's Slide
  • LEAD - Daft Around The Lead
  • LEAD - Daft Funk Rez
  • LEAD - Gaga Paparrazi Ghostly
  • LEAD - Gaga Paparrazi Square
  • LEAD - Gaga Plastic Doll
  • LEAD - Gaga Techno Lead
  • LEAD - Kanye Pablo Solo
  • LEAD - Kim Heartbreak Lead
  • LEAD - Lana Beach Square
  • LEAD - Post Rockstar
  • LEAD - Rihanna Work Juno
  • LEAD - Taylor NY Lead
  • LEAD - Tyler Think Sine Solo
  • ORGAN - Kanye Crimes
  • ORGAN - Katy California Organ
  • ORGAN - Rihanna Found Love Organ
  • ORGAN - Lana Beach Organ
  • PAD - Ariana Breakup Pad
  • PAD - Bieber Sorry Pad
  • PAD - Frank Endless Crystals
  • PAD - Frank Nikes Sines
  • PAD - Frank Thinkin Swells
  • PAD - Post Iverson
  • PAD - SZA Galore Pad
  • PAD - SZA Weekend Pad
  • PAD - Taylor Dreams
  • PAD - Tyler Foreword
  • SYNTH - Ariana Breakup Juno
  • SYNTH - Ariana Breakup Keys
  • SYNTH - Ariana Thank U Keys
  • SYNTH - Bruno 24K Magic
  • SYNTH - Bruno Uptown Mars
  • SYNTH - Chainsmokers Closer
  • SYNTH - Gaga Stupid Love Chords
  • SYNTH - Kanye Stronger
  • SYNTH - Katy California Pluck
  • SYNTH - Katy Wide Awake
  • SYNTH - Kim Heartbreak Chords
  • SYNTH - Mariah GTFO
  • SYNTH - Sia Chandelier Mallets
  • SYNTH - Sia Cheap Marimba
  • SYNTH - Travis Screw Glide
  • SYNTH - Tyler See You
  • SYNTH - Weeknd Eyes
  • SYNTH - Weeknd Lights
  • SYNTH - XCX Metallic Claws
  • SYNTH - XCX Next Level

About Reverb Machine

Reverb Machine is the work of Dan Carr, a London based electronic music producer, sound-designer and musician. After working predominantly as a live musician, he started exploring the world of synthesizers, sharing presets and sound design tips on Topics include the synth sounds of popular artists, the generative music techniques of Brian Eno, and music theory. He also produces content for and is tentatively working on a debut album.

Omnisphere 2 from Spectrasonics is required for use and will need to be updated to at least version 2.6 prior to installation of this patch library. Registered users can update for free by logging into their Spectrasonics User Account.

If you do not have Omnisphere 2 by Spectrasonics, click: HERE

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