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EDM Eclipse: Solar patches for Omnisphere

EDM Eclipse: Solar (Patches for Omnisphere™ 1.5 and 2.0)


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EDM Eclipse: Solar is a collection of 130 new patches for Omnisphere™ that will scorch your EDM tracks with edgy, epic energy. The perfect contrast to its sister collection EDM Eclipse: Lunar, “Solar” is geared for adrenalin-inducing power using hard-hitting synths, sick basses, leads, pads, SFX, and a variety of tempo-locked sonic goodies. We roughed up the edges, added some funk, and even included some triplet-timed, tempo-synced groove monsters.

While EDM Eclipse: Solar focuses primarily on EDM styles, feel free to immerse your pop, hip-hop, and even film and television music creations in these fresh new sounds. Each one has been meticulously crafted, pulling from Omnisphere’s powerful synthesis engine, and its vast arsenal of included sonic samplings.

EDM Eclipse: Solar focuses on the use of the modulation wheel for rapid sound-altering control. Many patches are also optimized for use with The Orb, giving you even more real-time control on-stage and in the studio.

These 130 Patches Feature:

  • 49 Arp + Rhythm sounds including 16 Bass, 1 Lead, and 32 Synths
  • 1 Keyboard (ethereal piano)
  • 3 Pads and synth strings
  • 15 Synth basses
  • 4 SFX and Noise risers
  • 8 Monophonic leads
  • 48 Polyphonic synth sounds
  • 2 Textures
  • Registered customers are entitled to free updates and bonus patches when they become available

Requires Omnisphere version 1.5.8 or higher. Please read the System Requirements tab for more information.

It is required that you update Omnisphere to 1.5.8, and also recommended that you update your Mac OS to at least 10.7 for full support. (Mac OSX 10.6.8 may work, but it is no longer supported by Spectrasonics.)

If you do not have Omnisphere by Spectrasonics, click: HERE

Episode 1: Sidechain Compression FX

In this first installment, Michael Babbitt walks through how a side-chain compression effect works in Omnisphere. Using a patch from ILIO's latest patch library, EDM Eclipse: Solar, you can see how easy it is to create this staple effect without the need for plugins.

Episode 2: Manipulating Envelope Speed

In this episode, Michael Babbitt takes you through the envelope speed in Omnisphere and shows you how you can easily manipulate it. Using a patch from ILIO's EDM Eclipse: Solar, you can see how easy it is to get a wobble bass to animate at a much different speed than originally programmed.

Q: How do I load these patches into Omnisphere?

A: Please read the installation guide that came included in the zip file with the patches you downloaded.

Q: Why am I not seeing these patches in Omnisphere?

A: Please follow this checklist:

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed all the latest updates from your Spectrasonics User account for Omnisphere. You can do that: HERE

2. Make sure you don’t have multiple "STEAM" folders. In some cases users have reported having multiple instances of the "STEAM" folder on different external hard drives. Only ONE path can be utilized so if you placed the patches in a "STEAM" folder that is not active, the patches will not be read.

Here is an example of the default installation path for the "STEAM" folder:

OSX: Macintosh HD/Users/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics/STEAM
Windows: C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics\STEAM

In most cases, you will have loaded all your Omnisphere data files on a secondary or external hard drive. The aforementioned paths will then include an alias/shortcut to the correct path.

One way to test which path is being utilized is to load any patch in Omnisphere, then save that patch by clicking the "Utility" icon at the top left, and selecting "Save Patch". You’ll need to select a sub-folder inside the "User" folder that is selected for you by default. For testing purposes, simply create a new folder called "TEST" and then save the patch there. Next, click the "Refresh" button (circle arrow), located at the bottom of the "Patch Edit" screen.

You should now have a "User" Directory in the "Directory" drop-down menu. Now, navigate to this directory in Finder/Explorer to locate the new "TEST" folder you created. If it exists, you are in the right place. You can delete the "TEST" folder once the correct path is confirmed.

3. Make sure you have restarted your DAW, along with Omnisphere. Again, try clicking the "Refresh" button (circle arrow), located at the bottom of the "Patch Edit" screen if you did not perform step 2 above.

4. Make sure you are clicking on the "Patch" screen and not the "Multi" screen. The "Patch" screen is located directly underneath the "Omnisphere" logo where the "Multi" screen is located above the logo.

5. Try restarting your entire computer as a last resort.

Jeff Rona (Traffic, Black Hawk Down, God of War III for PS3)
"These are some nasty and cool, amazing sounds! Some real surprises...nothing generic here. It's wonderful to hear some truly unique and different sonic ideas. ...They are going into heavy rotation."


Freemasons (Billboard charting dance music artists, Katy Perry, Adele, Beyoncé)
"At last someone has dug in and found the dirt that's been hiding in the cupboard underneath Omnisphere's stairs - Stellar programming - just buy it!"


Paul Grundman (Producer/Engineer/Mastering/Songwriter)
"If you are going to wear an EDM badge, you better watch out because we're vigilant with character of sound. Sure we're all about love, but don't come between our synths! The EDM patches are such a welcome addition to Omnisphere, I find myself searching inside those libraries exclusively to put my own twist on already preset-usable sounds. I'd like to keep them all for myself, but what kind of EDM person would I be without sharing? You can get these for pennies on the quality dollar, it's a no brainer."


Gerald O'Brien (Entertainment Tonight, The Insider)
"These new patches are great. Very inspirational and fun."



John Van Nest - Resonate Studio Los Angeles (Michael Jackson, The Voice)
"Wow. These two packs contain some of the most inspired and inspiring patches I've come across for any soft synth. EVER. Seriously, these are the best idea-starters I've come across in ages!"


Danny Lux (Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, Raising Hope)
"ILIO's EDM patches are a great addition to my Omnisphere library. The programming makes great use of the mod wheel, keeping the patches interesting and creative. I will definitely be using these sounds on future projects."
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