These Vienna Specials make June a Month to Remember!

MIR RoomPack 6

NEW: MIR RoomPack 6 - Synchron Stage Vienna

Vienna proudly announces an important new product! RoomPack 6 features spatial models of Vienna Symphonic Library's landmark scoring stage, Synchron Stage Vienna. Read more about it: HERE

During the month of June, purchase MIR RoomPack 6-Synchron Stage Vienna at the introductory price of $145!


Introductory Prices on the new Synchron Percussion extended to June 30, 2017!

Synchron Percussion I

This all-new Collection of orchestral percussion instruments ushers in a new era for Vienna Symphonic Library. Synchron Percussion I was recorded at Stage A of Vienna's newly revitalized Synchron Stage Vienna.

Captured in every nuanced detail with an expansive, phase-controlled multi-microphone set-up, it delivers to your studio all the character and vibe of the world's finest percussion instruments, masterfully played in one of the best-sounding scoring stages in the world.

Continue to save on the Synchron Percussion I and the Synchron Instrument Subsets with introductory pricing extended through June 30, 2017.


Even more reasons to get Synchron Percussion I

Vienna has just added another introductory bonus to their new Synchron Percussion I collection!

Free: Giant Taiko Drum
Synchron Percussion Giant Taiko Drum Registered users of Synchron Percussion I qualify for a free download of the all-new Japanese Taiko drum bonus library, featuring a large Simonsen Odaiko with a diameter of 53", recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna! This product is not available for purchase and is offered to you exclusively during the introductory period!

Users of Synchron Percussion I Standard Library will receive the Large Taiko Drum Standard Library for free. Users of Synchron Percussion I Full Library will receive the Large Taiko Drum Full Library for free.

Free: MIR RoomPack 6 Synchron Stage Vienna*
Now you can place all of your Vienna Instruments in the very same hall where the instruments from Synchron Percussion I were recorded. And it's free when you purchase and register Synchron Percussion I by June 30! Requires Vienna MIR Pro or Vienna MIR Pro 24.

30% Off Vienna MIR Pro 24*
If you're not yet a user of Vienna MIR Pro or Vienna MIR Pro 24, now is the perfect time for you to learn the most intuitive, organic way to mix your instruments! Get Synchron Percussion I by June 30, 2017 and you can jump right into Vienna MIR Pro 24 for just $207!

If you've already purchased Synchron Percussion I, you will receive both the Giant Taiko Drum and MIR Room Pack 6-Synchron Stage Vienna for free from your Vienna account. The Taiko Drum will be automatically available as a download.


Discounts on Upgrades and Full Libraries

Upgrade your Vienna Instruments library products at a major 40% discount, only in June! This offer is valid for all Upgrades to Full Libraries of Vienna Instrument Collections, Bundles, and Single Instruments. (Excludes Synchron Percussion I.) Receive discounts when you purchase Full Libraries for the first time!

Synchron Percussion I
Full Libraries complete the Standard Libraries with a large number of additional articulations, and some Full Libraries (such as Orchestral Strings I or Brass I) contain more than four times the amount of samples than their corresponding Standard Libraries!

When you start with a Standard Library, you may easily upgrade to the Full Library at any time!

The Woodwinds I Full Library is available for $552 (normally $690) during the promotional period. If you've already purchased Woodwinds I Standard Library, you may now upgrade to the Full Library for just $207 (instead of $345).

Special Prices on the Large String Ensembles
Vienna has lowered the prices of the Standard Libraries of all Orchestral Strings and Appassionata Strings libraries. This makes for exceptionally low prices on these Full Libraries!

See the table below for quick links and pricing info!

Large String Ensemble Standard Library Full Library
Orchestral Strings Bundle $347 $495 $644 $990
Orchestral Strings I $235 $335 $448 $690
Orchestral Strings II $207 $295 $384 $590
Appassionata Strings Bundle $382 $545 $577 $870
Appassionata Strings I $235 $335 $388 $590
Appassionata Strings II $193 $275 $250 $370


Vienna Price Guarentee


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