Overloud Announces New Partnership with Jensen Speakers!

Modena, Italy - June 4, 2021 - Leading audio effects manufacturer Overloud and legendary speaker manufacturer Jensen announce new partnership that bring officially licensed Impulse Responses to Overloud's SuperCabinet

Jensen Speakers has joined forces with Overloud to offer to the world's players a comprehensive collection of Impulse Responses (IRs) from the Jensen Speakers renowned Vintage and Jet Series.

Are These Really Jensen Speakers or are they Modeled?

The real deal! Captured with a painstakingly accurate process and Overloud's exclusive technology, the Jensen Speaker IRs bring the tones of the legendary speakers from the 50s and 60s to the digital world, reissued by Jensen in its Vintage Series and including iconic models such as the P10R, the C12N and the P12Q. These speakers, used on countless hit records, are the true voices of the birth of modern rock music.

With the new Jet series, Jensen offers a wide assortment of modern, versatile tones - from the most articulate and sweet cleans, to powerful, cutting leads and high gain tones. The IRs of the speakers, such as the Blackbird 100 and 40, the Raptor, and the three models in the Tornado family, deliver some of the most fascinating varieties of tone.

Each library is a systematic capture created with 19 microphones, multiple poweramps and enclosures. The result is a wide variety of tones true to the Jensen legacy, ranging from 60s sparkling cleans, to the grittiest tweed-style crunches, up to the most contemporary high-gain leads. The heritage and the future of Jensen Speakers are now available in the digital world!

Which Jensen Speakers are Available?

The IRs of each available speaker were captured in a variety of both historically correct and modern cabinets. The speakers currently available are: the P10R, the Vintage Series 10" AlNiCo of the Tweed era, the P12/100 BB "Blackbird 100", the revered 12" flagship AlNiCo speaker and the C12/100 RT "Raptor" - a powerful, vocal sounding 12" ceramic from the Jet Series. You can browse the current selection here.

How Does it Work?

Developed in partnership with Overloud, the maker of the highly acclaimed TH-U Guitar Amp Simulator, the Jensen IR collection takes advantage of the new Overloud SuperCabinet, an incredibly versatile tool based on Overloud's Fluid Convolution Technology, allowing you to combine up to four different IRs, EQ them, pan them in the stereo field, and increase their stereo depth in order to create brand new, totally custom cabinet tones. Learn more about SuperCabinet below and download a free trial!


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