Save $100 on Ivory II-Grand Pianos in March!

Ivory II is the pinnacle of sampled piano perfection for a reason—the playing experience is simply extraordinary with an emotional range extending from the heartiest fortissimo to the most delicate and nuanced pianissimo. Ivory II-Grand Pianos will breathe under your fingers, unveiling your best performances from a truly organic instrument.

For the entire month of March, 2020, you will save $100 on Synthogy's famed Ivory II-Grand Pianos! The Grand Pianos collection features three marvelous and versatile Grand Pianos: Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand, German Steinway D 9' Concert Grand and Yamaha C7 Grand. Synthogy's exclusive, powerful Sample Playback and DSP engine, engineered specifically for recreating the acoustic piano, is sure to inspire your best performance.


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Ivory II-Grand Pianos is the piano of choice for popular Twitch streamer ChewieMelodies. Make sure to follow him and hear the sound of Ivory II live!