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Downloads and Updates

Where do I find the latest updates for the SWAM instruments?

Access your account on Audio Modeling's Customer Portal. This is where you will register all of your SWAM license keys, allowing you to get the latest updates, manage all authorizations, and de-authorizations.

To watch a video that shows the Customer Portal features: Watch HERE

General Questions

How can I create ensembles with SWAM instruments?

To simulate an orchestral ensemble, you first need to add an instrument for each "performer" of the section. Be sure to have each "performer" play slightly different from the others to add realism.

To do this:

  1. In your DAW, create one track for each player of the section (let's use 8 violins as an example), and load a SWAM Solo Violin on each of the 8 tracks.
  2. each instance of the violin must behave differently from the others:
    • Slightly detune each instance (from -10 to +10 cents).
    • Select a different "performer" for each instance.
    • Slightly change bow position, bow pressure, string resonance and so on.
    • Write the sequence for the first violin, copy it to the other tracks, then slightly randomize the starting point and the duration of each note for each track.
    • Turn off the internal reverb, insert a reverb plugin on each track and set different Early Reflection time (e.g. from 20 to 40 ms) and pan positioning for each instance.
  3. Apply a final reverb to the whole section

Note: Running 8 violins will require more CPU power. If you run out of CPU power, you can render some tracks to audio or use the freeze function in your DAW while you work.

This is a rough example done with 4 violins. The track starts with the ensemble followed by each violin separately: Click HERE to download

Warning! Expression controller non received

Ours are "Expressive" instruments. Unlike standard sample libraries, all our instruments do not work without an Expression controller: it could be an Expression pedal, a Breath Controller (e.g., Hornberg hb1), a wheel, a knob, a slider, a wind controller, a Seaboard, a LinnStrument, a Touché, or a mobile App capable of sending MIDI data, and so on.

The default mapping for the Expression controller is the MIDI CC11, which is usually assigned to a keyboard Expression pedal.

In order to use your favorite controller to control the Expression, please go to the Options page -> MIDI mapping and change the MIDI CC mapping for the "Expression" entry accordingly.

You can use the "Learn" button and move your controller. In this mode, the instrument recognizes the first incoming CC number and automatically assigns it to the Expression setting.

Licensing & License Keys

How can I recover or deactivate my SWAM License Keys?

Access your account on Audio Modeling's Customer Portal, where all of your keys and authorization data can be managed. If you need to deactivate a key OFFLINE, please note that you must contact Audio Modeling as this feature is not available from the Customer Portal. To do this, please contact the SWAM Support Team.

How can I perform a License Transfer?

The License transfer is subject to the sole discretion of Audio Modeling customer service, depending on the nature of the request. Please send a request, with details on who and why you need to make a license transfer, to Audio Modeling Support.

Transfer is NOT allowed for NFR licenses or for any product that has not been activated online through Audio Modeling's Customer Portal.

Help! My license keys do not work anymore!

1) If you are trying to authorize on a new computer but you reached the maximum number of available authorizations please note:

A single License Key allows for a maximum number of authorizations. Please check the number of authorizations allowed for your License Key on the Customer Portal.
If you have just installed your product on a new computer, and you have already reached the maximum number of authorizations for that key, the product cannot be authorized. In this case, the only way to activate your product on your new computer (other than buying a new license) is to DEAUTHORIZE one of your activations. This will deactivate the instrument corresponding to that activation on a previous computer.

2) You just performed an upgrade of your Operating System

In some cases, performing an OS upgrade will invalidate your License Keys (for example upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10, or from OS X).

Please have a look at this known issue for a specific Windows 10 update: HERE

3) You just performed an hardware upgrade

In some cases, performing a hardware upgrade or a BIOS update to your machine, will invalidate your License Keys (for example changing CPU or replacing the Motherboard).

For scenarios 1), 2) and 3), you can "DEAUTHORIZE" your Activation(s). This can be done on the Customer Portal.

4) You just performed an upgrade of your SWAM products (Saxophones and Clarinets only)

Starting from v2.x of The Saxophones, Soprano Sax and The Soprano & Bass Clarinets, the license procedure has changed: each License Key now unlocks all instruments of the same package, so, for example for The Saxophones you won't need to manage four different keys.

You can always recover your License Keys using the steps found: HERE

On how many computers can I authorize each SWAM product?

As explained in Audio Modeling's EULA, each license allows the authorization of a SWAM product on up to four (4) computers. Moreover, it is always possible to deauthorize an activation and move it to another computer, through the Customer Portal.

How do I upgrade to a Bundle?

Have a look at all the upgrade options available, HERE. Note that all requests are subject to approval. The process may take up to one week to complete. Also, please note that promotions do not apply to upgrade paths.

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