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General FAQ

How do I activate my product?

  1. Install Stream 1.0 to your machine using the macOS (restart is required for AU) or Windows installers you downloaded.
  2. Load up your digital audio workstation of choice (Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, etc.) and add Stream to an audio track.

Important note for PC users: You may get a pop-up warning during installation: "Windows Protected your PC". Please refer to the section below, titled: I got a Windows alert: "Windows Protected your PC" what do I do?

Stream Installation Part I

Open the Stream plug-in and click on the “Unlock” button located in the top-center of the main component window. Next click the "Activate" button.

Stream Installation Part II

Fill out the required fields with the Activation Key you received after purchase. Then create a new User Name and enter your Email Address and Password to complete registration of the Stream plug-in.

After you click "Register" you can now use the "Login" button for future installations on other computers. Please make note of all the information you used to register.

I got a Windows alert: "Windows Protected your PC" what do I do?

Windows Protected your PC Step I
Not to worry! This is a standard alert for plug-in makers who do not pay Microsoft for removal of this error message. When you see it, simply click "More Info" and a new button will be revealed:
Windows Protected your PC Step II
Click "Run anyway" and your installation will continue.

Is there a demo version of Stream?

Yes. Simply install and load up in your plug-in host, with the following limited feature-set: 1 grain window, fixed buffer length, 2 grain voices, no sync, and no preset saving.

Does Stream have presets?

You can make your own presets using the "load" and "save" preset buttons located at the top-right of the user interface. Artist-made presets are coming in the near future.

Does Stream store parameter values and buffer audio when I close a session?

No, for right now. If you want to store an audio stem to process with Stream, record it on the audio track where Stream is active.

As for presets, you can record automation data directly to your automation lanes in your digital audio workstation. Otherwise, you can save your preset values to a “.stream” preset file and then recall those values manually on the next start-up. We’re teasing out how we want to approach presets for patches we plan to release in the future but you can expect some artist-inspired presets some time in 2020.

How do I reset my password in my Stream plugin?

Send Stream technical support an email and they will reset your account:

The AU component is not showing up on macOS 10.14 or higher. How do I fix that?

  • You should ensure any and older binary files of Stream have been deleted before running our installers
  • You should ensure that you have restarted your computer after running our installer on macOS
  • You may have to empty your caches: User > Library > Caches > AudioUnitCaches. Once they have been deleted, please restart your computer and rescan AU components in your DAW. Here’s a nice article about having fun with the AU Validation Tool

I want to print or record the output of Stream to an audio file. How do I do that?

You have to route and print the audio output of the audio track containing your instance of Stream to another audio track. For example, in Live, create a new audio track and set your input source to the track containing Stream (Post FX) and print, or use Live’s Resample feature or Freeze and Flatten. There is no magic button and actually when you really think about it, it doesn’t make any sense either.

Will I ever be able to drag and drop an audio file onto the Stream buffer?

es. There will be a patch with a few updates in 2020.

Can I use automation in my host with Stream?

Yes. Stream will accept and allow you to record automation parameters in your host. These automation settings will be remembered when you open your saved session. IMPORTANT: This is the only way to retain your settings (automation recording) unless you save a preset with your settings. A saved session does not retain the captured audio or knob positions.
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