Composer Cliff Martinez on Music and Spectrasonics

In a Revealing Video, the Prolific Film Composer Discusses his Career, and his Passion for Unusual Instruments

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, October 24, 2012—ILIO announces the release of a new Artist Profile video featuring prolific film composer Cliff Martinez.

With such well-known films as Drive, Arbitrage, Contagion, Traffic, and Sex, Lies, and Videotape to his credit, among many others, Cliff Martinez is one of the hardest working and most in-demand composers in Hollywood. Still, he recently found time to sit with ILIO to show viewers some of his unusual instruments, discuss what really excites him about music making, and reveal how he discovered and came to love Spectrasonics virtual instruments.

Cliff Martinez

In the video, Martinez explains, “One of the things that appealed to me with Omnisphere was seeing that video of one of the sound designers burning the piano in the interest of creating a unique set of samples to work from in Omnisphere. That's the kind of pioneering spirit that I admire in music making.”

He continues, “I like music software that has ‘mojo’, that has personality… that sets it apart from other software. Spectrasonics software is extremely powerful. It's also easy to customize and bend to your will so you can create your own individual sonic identity with it. I've loved everything that's come out, from Stylus to Trilian and Omnisphere, I have it all…”

The video can be seen: HERE

Cristal Baschet

Spectrasonics products are distributed in North America by ILIO, carrying the highest quality virtual instruments, sample libraries, and creative tools for professional musicians.

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