Omnisphere 2 Gets Amazing Reviews in Two Leading Magazines in November!

Omnisphere 2

Both Electronic Musician and Keyboard Magazine went gaga over Omnisphere 2 in their November issues!

Electronic Musician's Geary Yelton remarked, "I own a dozen hardware synths that cost more than Omnisphere, and dollar for dollar, it outshines them all." He also notes, "The sheer volume of the new content is downright awe-inspiring... no matter whether your music is traditional, experimental, or anything in between, you'll find plenty of useable material, and the variations you can create are genuinely infinite."

John Krogh of Keyboard Magazine was equally impressed with Omnisphere 2's new features writing, "The new sample sources are highly inspiring, imaginitive and musical... the sound shaping possibilities are truly staggering." He had this to say about the expanded synthesis capabilities, "Whatever magic it might be, the net result is an expanded sonic palette that covers considerable territory and should satisfy even the most hardened synth programmer."

Two stellar reasons to get Omnisphere 2 today!

Omnisphere 2 Video Review - Keyboard Magazine

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