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Smart Editions

  1. Vienna Smart Orchestra

    Playing a 140 piece orchestra on the keyboard has never been easier and more rewarding. The Vienna Smart Orchestra brings the power of a large symphonic orchestra right to your fingertips. Whether you are looking for inspiration, quickly sketching a symphonic idea, delivering a final score on a deadline, or playing live on stage – this orchestral powerhouse lets you play all the sections and lead instruments at once, spread out over the entire keyboard.
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  2. Expansion Pack for Vienna Smart Orchestra Expansion Pack for Vienna Smart Orchestra
    Special Price!

    Expansion Pack for Vienna Smart Orchestra

    Expand Vienna Smart Orchestra with a variety of instruments! This expansion pack adds new articulations and new instruments in the following categories: Viola Ensemble, Cello Ensemble, Piccolo, English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Harp, Celesta, and Timpani.


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  3. Vienna Smart Spheres

    For this exclusive product, the Vienna team went straight to their vast treasure trove of orchestral sounds. The core of Vienna Smart Spheres is entirely organic and acoustic, with all the liveliness and vibrancy that comes from live performance. The breath, bows and body movements of Vienna’s famed musicians shine throughout the range of each patch.
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