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Q: Which disk should I choose to install Ivory on?
A: Technically, you may choose any volume in your file system that has enough space on it. But practically, it's better if the Ivory libraries are not installed on the same drive as the system, nor on the same drive that is used for recording/playing digital audio tracks. If you can, install it on its own dedicated empty hard drive.

Q: Can I move the Ivory libraries to a different hard drive? Do I have to re-install it to do so?
A: Yes, the libraries can be dragged to another volume without having to reinstall. Just move the Ivory Items folder to the new location. Then, all you need to do is update an alias that needs to point to this folder. The alias is called 'Ivory Items' and is located in the following path: /Users/{Home}/Library/Preferences/Ivory Preferences/
Click once on the alias, press Cmd-I for Get Info, click the Select New Original button, and select the Ivory Items folder at the new location.

Q: How do I un-install Ivory?
A: The large audio files are all kept in a folder called Ivory Items. Simply deleting this folder will remove most of Ivory's data. The location of each plugin is:
OS X VST: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Ivory (OS X).vst
OS X AU: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Ivory AU.component
OS X RTAS: /Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins/Ivory RTAS (OS X)
OS X: /Users/{Home}/Library/Preferences/

Q: What does the Buffer Size do?
A: Ivory's Buffer Size adjusts the amount of RAM it uses to stream sample data from disk. Slower computers usually benefit from using the Large buffer size, while faster computers, usually benefit by using the Small buffer size. You may find that a little experimentation will show you which is the best setting for your particular system.

Q: How do I authorize Ivory in order to use it?
A:You will need to have an iLok dongle which stores the license of your Ivory product. Simply create an account on www.ilok.com and then fill out the registration form found on www.synthogy.com. Synthogy will deposit the license to your account which will enable you to download it to your iLok. For any questions concerning registration, please contact Synthogy directly via their website.

Q: Can I install and authorize Ivory on more than one computer?
A:You can install Ivory on as many machines as you want but you can only use Ivory on one machine at a time because Ivory requires a license from your iLok to work. Each Ivory product contains one license. If you need to use your Ivory product simultaneously on more than one machine, you may be eligible to buy a side license depending on the situation.


For updates to Synthogy products, please visit the Synthogy support page, found: HERE

If you still require Technical Support about any products purchased from ILIO or an authorized ILIO Dealer, or you have a Customer Service related question, please click this link for prompt and friendly service. You may also call our California support line at 818-707-3655.

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