NEW SYNCHRON-ized Special Keyboards — Crossgrade as Low as $16.

This library is based on the VI Collection Special Keyboards, optimized and enhanced for the Vienna Synchron Player. With its straightforward preset and patch structure, the various registers and techniques are clearly laid out and easily accessible. This package features three special instruments:

The harpsichord has a famously bright sound with rich overtones. Typically a Baroque instrument, the harpsichord has played a minimal role in classical and romantic music. In modern literature, however, it has been rediscovered by a broad range of musicians, and is also used poignantly and effectively in film and TV music. This two manual instrument offers the choirs 8' solo, 8' double, and tutti (a combination of two 8' choirs and one 4' choir).

The harmonium is a free-reed instrument, meaning that air streaming past reeds of different lengths causes them to vibrate. Unlike organ pipes, the harmonium's reeds produce more disharmonic overtones, creating a unique, undulating sound.

The prepared piano is a technique that became known to a wider public around 1940 and is primarily associated with the innovative composer John Cage, who inserted objects such as erasers, nails, wire and paper between a piano's strings causing them to produce additional tones, harmonics, or percussive sounds. In the recording sessions, the Vienna team also articulated the Bösendorfer Imperial's strings with their bare hands (e.g., for creating evocative glissandos) and with wood mallets in order to achieve a multitude of fresh sounds and colors.


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NEW BBO: Ganymede - Choirs for the Big Bang Orchestra!

Drawing from their manifold experiences of singing for major movie and game productions, the Synchron Stage Choir delivers emotional performances and a clear style with reduced vibrato that is widely used in modern scores.

Tutti and SATB

BBO: Ganymede includes the classic individual sections of soprano, alto, tenor and bass as well as several tutti patches. Offering several variations of tutti mappings proves helpful for creating quick arrangements that sound great without the need for detailed orchestrating.

  • "Tutti Choir" combines all sections into one powerful patch, all layered on top of each other.
  • "Male/Female" places the male ensembles in the lower octaves and the female ensembles in the higher octaves of the keyboard.
  • "Choir Stacked" blends the sections from the lowest to the highest register, keeping the natural ranges intact.
  • "Tutti Effects" includes major and minor chords, clusters, cluster glissandos, cluster builds and shouts. The clusters correspond to the Clusters A and B in Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye, performed by strings, brass and woodwinds, so it's easy to create cohesive and stunning performances by the orchestra, elevated by a massive choir.

Articulations include staccato, sustain, espressivo, true legato, sforzato and several swells.


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