NEW Percussion Libraries from VSL

Vienna Smart Hits

Vienna Smart Hits is a breathtaking exploration into the organic, yet surreal and swirling amalgamation of hits, "braams", risers, swells and sub booms. Following Vienna's successful Vienna Smart Spheres, their sound designers and editing engineers again dug deep into VSL's multi-million sample database of released and unreleased treasures to unearth extraordinary marvels that were then bent, twisted, mangled, distorted, boosted and re-invented.


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SYNCHRON-ized Elements

The unique instruments from Vienna's VI Elements Collection have long been a trade secret for composers and sound designers, capturing their imagination with its archaic sounds that range from ethereal shimmers to thunderous strikes. For the SYNCHRON-ized version, Vienna has expanded the library's breadth of sound, not only by adding more extraordinary instruments, but also by creating a host of other-worldly sonic effects using the Synchron Player's extensive plug-in and routing options. New instruments include a second lithophone, another waterphone, several tam-tams, rails, thunder sheets, crotales, ocean drums and many more.


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