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Support Pages: Spectrasonics

Q: Will Spectrasonics support Avid's Pro Tools 11 and AAX Native plugin platform?
A: Yes. Spectrasonics is fully committed to supporting the Pro Tools platform and we are currently in development on support for the new AAX platform in Pro Tools 11. Please read the latest press release: HERE

Q: I just installed OS X "Lion" (10.7). Where is the "STEAM" / "SAGE" folder for Omnisphere/Trilian/RMX?
A: Apple has changed the default view of the "Library" folder (where the "STEAM" or "SAGE" folder resides). There are several new ways to access this folder. For a great article on the subject, click: HERE

In short: To open your Library folder, hold down the "Option" key on your keyboard while clicking the "Go" menu in the Finder. Then select "Library".

Q: I've finished installing Omnisphere/Trilian/Stylus RMX and do not see it in my Applications/Program Files. How do I open the Virtual Instrument?
A: Omnisphere/Trilian/Stylus RMX are not stand-alone applications, they are a plug-in instruments. Open up your DAW and look for it under Software Instruments.

Q: Can I convert my old Akai Groove Control libraries to work with Stylus RMX?
A: Yes. Just use the S.A.G.E. Converter that is included on the RMX disc. New versions of the converter will be released simultaneously with each Xpander release from the Spectrasonics website. Registered users can download these updates for free.

Q: Can I transfer my license to someone else?
A: Though Spectrasonics will generally not allow license transfers, there are some extreme cases when they will permit it. However, the license transferee (user who bought a used copy with a license transfer) has full access to all free maintenance updates for that instrument. But the transferee is not eligible for the special UPGRADE offers like the one we just did for Stylus Classic users to Stylus RMX. A Stylus Classic transferee would just have to buy the new RMX instrument in a store. Original, longtime users will always get the best deals. We will be offering more and more special things in the future that are only available to our original users. So ultimately, it's always going to be a far better deal to keep a Spectrasonics instrument and buy them through the authorized dealer network, because of all the cool stuff we have in the works for the future. If you don't, you miss out on the killer offers and major upgrades. But of course the regular software updates are available to all registered users.

Q: Why can't I purchase the upgrade to Omnisphere from ILIO or my local retail store?
A: All upgrades are handled by Spectrasonics directly. If you own Atmosphere you will be eligible for the upgrade. You can find more details about the upgrade and purchase by going HERE.

Q: Are the sounds from Atmosphere included with Omnisphere?
A: Yes. There is a dedicated section in the Omnisphere browser that contains all of the original Atmosphere patches!

Q: Do the S.A.G.E. Xpanders contain the same material as the Akai Groove Control versions?
A: Yes. However, there is additional bonus material. The Spectrasonics XPanders contain hundreds of interesting grooves from Vocal Planet, Bizarre Guitar and Distorted Reality libraries. The ILIO Xpanders contain killer bonus material from Trancefusions, Phat Fingers, and World Winds. If you have all the XPander titles already in Akai Groove Control format, it's definitely worth picking up an XPander for $99 just for the bonus material.

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